How to Build Lean Muscle for Females?

Some women only concentrate on being lean, delicate, graceful and dainty. But there are also females who want to know how to build lean muscle fast for looks, physical power, and a muscular body.

To tell you the truth, it’s not easy for females to build muscle, but definitely doable when you know how, and take it seriously.

The fact is, there are things that differentiate females from men when we talk about bodybuilding and building muscle.

Without understanding this from the get go, you’ll just wind up frustrated and following the wrong means to reach your goals. Sо lеt uѕ have а look аt thе differences, аnd thе things women need tо keep іn mind to increase muscle mass without getting fat.

Females vs Males Building Muscle

Before we get too deep, you need to remember the two main factors that makes building muscle different for women than men. 

  1. Metabolism. Metabolism is going to play a crucial part in the process, especially if you’re a little overweight when you start. Women have to exert more energy and effort than men to metabolize fat and convert it to muscle tissue. 
  2. Hormones. Men produce testosterone which is something women’s bodies don’t do. Because testosterone plays such an important role in increasing muscle size it’s usually easier for men than females. 

So, when you find yourself in a gym full of muscle bound men, it’s important to stay aware of your own goals and do not waste your time comparing your progress with the progress of male counterparts.

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9 Tips for Females Wanting to Build Lean Muscle

1. Know Yourself and Set Goals Accordingly.

Everybody is different, looks different, and react different to new routines. It’s important for you take a look at things like your diet, present activities and obligations, body type, and level of physical activity. 

Whether you are a female or male, taking up a body building campaign and producing results is going to take a lot of sacrifice. You will just make it all more difficult if you start out without realistic goals based on your present situation, and not false ideas about what you can do.

2. Increasing Muscle Mass Means New Challenges.

It’s easy to look around the gym and see a lot of females doing the same exercise and workout routines forever. That will tone your body and burn calories to some degree, but not increase muscle size. 

Because your muscles quickly see what you’re up to, you must continuously vary your exercises, reps, and increase weight slowly but steadily. The best possible way to do this is by keeping a planner, or simple spiral notebook by your side constantly in the gym.

Have different sections for each routine, and never fail to enter the weight and reps for each and every one, each and every time you are in the gym. If you wait until you leave the gym, you will neglect or forget to make the entries. Keeping accurate and up to the minute records keeps you always moving upward toward the goal.

3. Correct Posture Is Vital.

Knowing and using the correct posture for each routine is vital to:

Don’t bother with thinking you can just start slinging some weights around and make a difference. Without knowing what posture is, and adhering to it, you risk injury and waste your time.

Employing thе right posture whіlе working оut іѕ crucial. In fact, you should always start with light and easy to handle weights and stay with them until you understand the correct posture for each routine.  

If уоu аrе nоt tо sure оf how tо go аbоut а particular exercise оr regime, make sure уоu do іt under thе guidance оf а professional trainer or spend some time on youtube.

4. Ovеrаll Muscle Building.

You will also notice many females sticking to the exercises and routines they feel most comfortable with. You are going to have to get past how you look to others in the gym, and go all out in learning new techniques and building strength constantly.

Forget skipping legs, just because you think they may be weak, strong enough, or whatever. Legs, Glutes, shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, back, and every set of muscles you have needs to get in the action. Take the challenge, and get into complete and overall muscle and bodybuilding. 

5. Using Supplements.

You simply won’t have any trouble finding hundreds of bodybuilding supplements, all claiming to be the best. The fact is that there are some great protein supplements, while many are a waste of time and not helpful at all.

The first thing to remember is that supplements aren’t going to build muscle. That takes learning how to build a solid workout routine, dedication, and hard work. If you take a protein powder supplement, check out this page for something to mix them in

6. Professional Trainers.

Most any gym will either have professional trainers or someone to dedicate some time to the success of your efforts. If you can afford it, this will produce the best and safest results in the shortest amount of time. 

Finding someone to mentor you and teach you about posture, techniques, and weightlifting in general will keep you from spending a lot of aimless time.

7. Measure BMI, Not Weight

Sometimes females work diligently to gain muscle, notice their weight increasing, and freak out? Their next step is go get involved in the latest weight loss programs diets, and wind up losing muscle instead of increasing it.

To avoid this scenario, forget the scales because they have no way to differentiate between muscle weight and fat. The more accurate measurement is to keep up with your BMI to check on how you’re doing. 

8. Avoid Confusion

There’s so much information online and in bookstores related to bodybuilding, fitness, and health, that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused. Of course, having your own trainer eliminates this problem, but you may be searching out your own information.

If that’s you, it’s important to find a program, book, or website author with the info you need at the time, and forget everything else. Trying to digest several different sources causes you to not trust any of them, and you’ll just wind up confused.

9. Proper Diet

Just because you are working out several times a week, does not license you to eat everything you see or want. Part of building muscle is taking care of your body with a systematic diet that is healthy and suits your purposes of muscle gain. 

For the best results, you must be just as dedicated and disciplined about your diet as you are your workout efforts. 


Building lean muscle requires knowing how to discipline yourself to learn all the right techniques and methods whether you are male or female. Then it takes the dedication to stay involved and change your body.

Taking into account all the tips above takes much of the difficulty and going down the wrong paths that waste a lot of time. In the end, knowing you are doing your body, mind and spirit a favor with the hard work makes it all worth it.