How Tight Should Knee Sleeves Be?

female figure pulling knee sleeve tight with a rope

It would be a contradiction of terms to think compression knee sleeves will not be tight—right?  You know right off that compression is applying pressure! But, how tight should knee sleeves be? What you’re looking for is a general feeling … Read more

Are Knee Sleeves Cheating?

Are Knee Sleeves Cheating

Any pro, or novice, weightlifter I’ve ever met wants to lift more weight. In fact, they spend a lot of time honing their technique and looking for ways to increase the lift. The ability to lift more can include things … Read more

Working Out To Lose Weight

Working out to lose weight doesn't have to be hard

The verdict is in – it’s easier to eat than to workout. You’re probably aware of that already? You can’t deny that working out to lose weight takes quite a bit of effort and motivation. And that explains why most … Read more