Can You Spot Reduce Belly Fat?

Most people get the erroneous idea from watching TV infomercials that you can spot reduce belly fat. They have the idea that doing enough crunches and ab exercises are spot-on for reducing stubborn belly fat.

No doubt, these are two great exercises, but they are not effective until your body fat percentage is low.

The common misconception is simply that a lot of ab training and doing crunches is the way to target belly fat. The problem is that leaning out a fat belly doesn’t work like that.

In fact, the only way you are ever going to get your belly lean, trim, and toned is forget spot reducing and start consuming fewer calories than you burn.

This is known as a caloric deficit and is the only way to lose fat, in your belly or anywhere else.

Simply put, when you are consuming 500 -700 fewer calories daily than you are burning for energy, fat has little choice, but to leave your body.

The problem is that you have no way to tell your body where you want it removed first?

So, the answer is no, you can not spot reduce belly fat.


reduce your BMI by consuming fewer calories than you expend and do your ab training and crunches while in the process of losing weight.

Reducing Belly Fat The Easy Way

Getting your body into a caloric deficit is the only way to tap into stored fat and start using it to fuel energy.

However, you can definitely get your stomach stronger without this all-important deficit of calories.

You won’t lose any fat and your stomach won’t be flat, but it will be stronger.

The problem is this:

Even when you cut calories and start burning fat stores, your body decides where to burn the fat from, not you.

In fact, it is really all in your genes.

The most common place your body will start reducing fat from is the first place you notice it coming on in the beginning.

That means that if you know your thighs are the first place you gain weight, then you can count on that being the first place you see any weight loss.

Are You Focusing Too Much Attention On Your Stomach?

One thing that causes people problems as they attempt to lose weight is focusing too much on getting a flat stomach.

The reason is simple enough:

Stomachs are the most visible fat gain area for most of us.

However, focusing all your attention on that spot can cause you to miss positive changes in other areas that can motivate you to keep up the fight.

For instance, if you’re so focused on getting your belly flatter and don’t see any real results, it’s easy to give up on your weight loss goals.

And all the while, you never noticed that your face, arms, love handles, and thighs were shrinking.

And if you quit before you reach those goals, everything you did lose is likely to come back over time.

On the other hand, keeping your focus on overall body shape and pressing on means that sooner or later your belly has to start reacting.

You can be certain that your belly fat will leave as long as you stay at a caloric deficit.

Your job is to stay the course and stay on a healthy diet and keep up the regular exercise.

The truth is, that weight loss is usually a lot slower process than we would like. But, that doesn’t really matter because the stubborn fat on your belly must go sooner or later if you don’t give up.

So, I hope you get it by now, that you can’t spot reduce any part of your body, much less your belly fat.

The following are a few methods that will speed up overall fat loss. Even if your belly is not the first to go, these techniques will get your body to that spot faster.

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

HIIT Exercises

HIIT is a way to train all-out for just a few minutes 2 -3 times a week. This is the fastest way I know of to get your body to burning fat. Not only does it create an intense calorie burn during your workout, but it also boosts your metabolism and keeps you burning fat for hours afterward.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is all the rage these days, and for good reason. Intermittently, intentional, and planned missing meals help supercharge weight loss and generally improve your health.

Most tend to eat a meal every 5 hours or so and our body and then your body is busy digesting and absorbing that meal for the next 3 – 5 hours. When you skip the next meal after that time, your body starts burning fat stores it couldn’t get to before. Here’s a more thorough explanation on Harvard’s website.

Ab Workouts After Cardio

Surely you are utilizing cardio workouts if you’re serious about flattening your stomach and shedding pounds? What you may not know is that the optimum time for your ab workouts is right after your cardio session. Use a 5 -6 minute ab workout of your choice while your blood is flowing from the cardio for fast belly results.

One thing that makes burning belly fat difficult is the general lack of blood circulation to your midsection. Since your cardio workout has your circulatory system pumped, calling it to your midsection now speeds up the fat burning process there.

Stay Hydrated

The two primary ways to dissipate fat are by exhaling carbon dioxide and body excretions. Both ways require water to metabolize the fat stores and get them out of your body. Without staying well hydrated all the time, you are hindering your body’s ability to dispose of the very fat you are trying to get shed of.


You are not by yourself, most of the adult population today is living with a surplus of belly fat.

Most of us want to reduce the size of our belly because we know it’s not that attractive.

What we don’t seem to realize is that it’s a real health hazard. Research is clear that any surplus body fat is unhealthy, but fat in the abdominal area creates even more health risks.

There’s actually 2 different types of fat around your belly area:

  • The first one is called overlying fat and is what keeps your ab muscles from showing. It’s between your skin and muscle of the belly.
  • The other kind of fat in your abdominal area is underlining fat. This fat is deeper and between the muscle and organs. Most people, especially men, with a big belly have an excess of underlining fat.

Both types of belly fat present serious health risks, but it’s the underlining type that can cause the most problems. This is the fat that is most likely to raise the risk of heart disease, blood pressure problems, diabetes, and sleep apnea. This is also usually the last fat in your stomach area to turn loose.

Even though we all want to look our best, sometimes preserving your health and lifestyle can motivate you to lose belly fat. So that even though spot reducing would be great, just burning at least as many calories as you eat every day will help you live longer.

When you finally lose that fat in and around your belly, it will flat and toned enough to show off your six-packs to the envy of all your friends.

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