The Best Protein Shaker Bottles

If you’ve ever mixed anything that started off as a powder form, you will love using anyone of these shaker bottles. They are the best protein shaker bottles, do a great job, and just make life better.

Most shaker bottles come equipped with a stainless steel wire whisk ball, but some are battery operated with blades for cutting and mixing dry ingredients. They’re all great for smoothies of any kind, mixing pancake batters, omelets, highballs, and about anything you care to mix, healthy or not.

What Are The Best Protein Shaker Bottles?

There is not end to the choices, mostly because brands and manufacturers constantly come and go. These 5 shaker bottles are premium products that do the job and stand the test of time. Check out the reviews!

BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle

BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle

The BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottles are known worldwide because they are a great starter bottle with a greater price, and quite simply — they do a great job. I think anybody looking for a simple shaker cup that does everything it needs to do and is very easy to clean will enjoy this bottle.

The BlenderBottle is perfect for you to mix any of your supplements and priced for anyone to afford. If you have a family you will love all the different colors and sizes to fit the needs of each family member and keep them separate.

Helimix Vortex Blender Shaker Bottle 28oz

Helimix Vortex Blender Shaker Bottle with list of advantages

This bottle uses patented tecnology to shake your powders without any agitators of anytype bouncing around. It’s made in the USA with 100% American materials. It works with 4-28 ounces of liquid. Fits in the vast majority of cup holders.

The Helimix Vortex Blender Shaker Bottle is a very cool and unique design for a shaker cup, and besides just catching everyone’s eye when you use it, you’ll find that it’s much more functional than its competitors.

Promixx 2 Vortex Mixer

PROMiXX iX-R Protein Shaker Bottle

The Promixx iX-R Electric Shaker Bottle is the art portable rechargeable electric protein shaker.  No hands shaking — the battery-powered engine does the job for you. Perfectly mixed protein powders, every kind of powdered supplements, milkshakes, baby formulas, eggs, pancake batters, juices, cocktails, coffee and tea drinks, etc. If it needs mixing, Promixx has you covered with the push of a button.

The PROMiXX iX-R Electric Shaker Bottle is hands down the most efficient, easy to use, and easy to clean protein mixer cup on the market today. They’ve never let it stand still when it comes to listening to ways to improve it, and it has long been a favorite of athletes around the globe.

Hydra Cup – Dual Threat Shaker Bottle

Hydra Cup - 30oz Dual Threat Shaker Bottle

This Hydra Cup Dual Shaker Cup is 100% made and assembled in America and is top quality. Two different color lids so there’s no problem with which drink is in which side. Use one side to keep your keys, money, cards, snacks, etc., and drink from the other side because they are two completely different compartments. I also love the fact that you can remove one of the flip caps and use it for a protein scooper when I lose touch with the original.

Don’t expect to see a wire mesh mixer ball with this protein shaker. Instead, it has a plastic mesh screen in the top portion of the cup that you shake the mixture through. The Hydra Cup is quite durable, easy to take apart to get into, has two separate containers built into one cup, and has measurement marks on it.

About Protein Shaker Bottles

The best protein shaker bottles were originally designed for mixing protein shakes. However, I learned with my very first shaker cup just how convenient and versatile they are for mixing all sorts of things, even in the kitchen.

But to tell you the truth, Protein shaker bottles have come a long way since their inception and continue to evolve as more and more people learn of their convenience and ease of use.

Today many brands have built-in compartments for carrying anything from extra protein powder to supplement pills.

Really, you can put your keys, money, notes, rocks, whatever you care to put in the added bottle compartments.

5 Reasons You Need A Blender Bottle

1. Blender Bottles Are Multifunctional

The common and lowly blender bottle can do a lot more for you than merely transport your energy drink to the gym. Mix your favorite protein shake, smoothies and even cocktails to go. Many now have a special compartment for your supplement pills or prescription medication along with a place to keep money and car keys.

2. Blender Bottles are Handy and Convenient

Gone are the days of mixing your shakes and protein supplements in the blender before bottling it. Just put your powder in the protein shaker bottle with your favorite liquid, and shake it up. That is, if you don’t have the battery operated electric model? You’ll quickly whisk the powder into a smooth and great tasting shake with either an electric model or a steel ball for efficiently whisking up your protein drinks.

3. No Stress/No Worries

Stop worrying about taking your supplements with a blender bottle. Mix your shakes before you leave the house and carry extra supplements in the added compartments. Blender bottles have come a long way since their debut. Their scientifically designed to get the very most from your purchase. They’re safe, easy, easily fit into cup holders in your car and are great for throwing in the gym bag.

4. Hygienic

Today’s protein shaker bottles are super hygienic and made to clean up easily after every use. Leak proof caps and strong material to guard against breaking make them worry proof. Water tight lids and leak proof caps make sure there’s never a mess left over.

5. Durable

Modern blender bottles are super durable. They are made with the sturdiest and strongest space age materials that give you peace of mind. You’ll never worry about your protein shaker bottle falling apart no matter how much you use or mis treat it.

What Do You Use A Shaker Bottle For?

Shaker Bottles are great for mixing up protein supplements, but don’t think that’s as far as a blender bottle goes.

They are great to have around the house for a multitude of uses without getting into electric appliances. Whether you have a battery operated shaker bottle or one with a steel whisk bar, you won’t need to worry with plugging in anything. And their really easy to clean up when you’re finished shaking and blending.

Here’s just a few uses for a shaker bottle:

  • Pre mix your protein shakes and powdered supplements, throw the bottle in your gym bag, and off you go.
  • Mix your favorite salad dressing in it
  • Shake your yogurt up into a great smoothie
  • Mix pancake and other batters easily
  • Break eggs into it and shake vigorously for scrambled eggs
  • Mix cocktails

The more you use a protein shaker bottle, the more uses you’ll find for it. They work best for mixing smoothies, milkshakes, purees, powered anything that has to be mixed, but the only limitations are your own imagination.

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