6 Bodybuilding Workout Tips for Fast Results

By putting these bodybuilding workout tips to use in your own routines you are using the same techniques as athletes and bodybuilders around the world. These are the methods that pros take advantage of for maintaining the ultimate bodies.

It doesn’t matter what your present fitness level happens to be, or your specific goals, these bodybuilding workout tips will set the pace for the best and fastest results.

6 Bodybuilding Workout Tips You Can’t Do Without

Whether you’re just starting out or just not getting the results you want from your workouts, these bodybuilding workout tips can jump start your efforts. These are the 6 essential of gaining muscle mass and losing fat.

1. Start With a Plan

To meet your goals as fast as possible, you will need to take the time to form an effective workout routine. You can do your research and formulate your own plan, employ a personal trainer, or even purchase a bodybuilding program that comes with proven results. No matter which route you decide on, consistency, regular workouts, and keeping your eye on the goal are the keys to success.

2. Keep Building

You need a bodybuilding workout routine, but not a routine that keeps you doing the same thing day after day. In fact, you want to stay away from that. Your body recognizes and adapts very quickly to exercise schedules, your diet, and any constants. If you do everything the same every workout, you will notice that your workouts are producing fewer results each time. In order to avoid your body acclimating to your workouts you must regularly alter the order, the time you rest, and always add different exercises. This keeps your body in the mode of meeting the demand you put on it.

3. Increasing Weight

Another workout tip for bodybuilding is to always increase the weight you are using for each workout. This will again, keep your muscles increasing in strength and mass along with your mental outlook. You want to use the amount of weight that you can perform all the reps in a set, but not even one more repetition. You want each set to bring you right to the point of failure, but not complete failure.

To optimize your muscular adaptations to strength training, you should include a variety of rep ranges in your training program.

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4. Compound Exercises

Bodybuilders learned a long time ago the compound exercises as a regular part of your workout routines will produce the best and fastest results. Deadlifts are great because they work every muscle group, and are often thought of as one of the best bodybuilding exercises. Other compound exercises should include dips, pull-ups, and full body moves.

5. Rest Days

Building muscle mass is a direct result of tearing down existing muscle fiber. It’s vital that you give muscle tissue time to heal and rejuvenate after strenuous workouts. If you choose workouts that employ your entire body during a session, you need to rest every other day. Usually the best option is working your upper body one day, and lower body the next day.

6. Nutrition

The importance of eating right is easy to overlook, but is actually the most important part of bodybuilding. Following a healthy diet that contains plenty of protein and healthy carbs is essential to the process. Some people swear by cardio in the morning before a meal, other following a carb heavy meal. When it comes to weight training, the best results come from protein before and after your workouts.


Whether you want to build muscle, lose fat, or both, the bodybuilding workout tips above will help you achieve your goals fast. Remember that a lean, ripped body doesn’t happen overnight. With these tips, you can see results faster, but bodybuilding is a process that takes time, work, and dedication.

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