Weider Ultimate Body Works – Best Home Workout Machine

The Weider Ultimate Body Works is one of the most unique pieces of exercise equipment I’ve used, and it does the job! If you’re like me having the best home workout machine with unbelievable features for a truly amazing price is an incredible find.

The two main obstacles to owning my own workout machine were always a place to put it and the price. This Weider machine has well solved both problems. It definitely provides total body workouts and is completely portable. I can target every single muscle group, fold it up, and roll it to the corner so that it never interferes with our living space.

Target Every Muscle Group

Easily build muscle mass, shape, and tone your body with the available 50 different shaping exercises. Quickly and smoothly work arms, shoulders, back, abs, hips, thighs, and calves.

The machine operates with a combination of your body weight and 4 adjustable power bands that can add up to an additional 50 pounds to your own weight.

Body Weight Resistance System for Flexibility and Strength Training

The Ultimate Body Works workout machine uses an innovative and impressive mechanism to use your own body weight for resistance training instead of miles of cables and pounds of weights in your living room.

4 advantages of this home gym for more muscle mass

  1. Use your own body weight to build mass, gain strength, tone, and increase strength with a wide variety of exercises.
  2. 4 power bands along with a convenient cable pulley system to add even more resistance and range of motion to your workouts.
  3. Vary the workout intensity by easily adjusting the incline of the glide board with 7 quick and easy incline options.
  4. Use the included exercise guide for proper form and execution to get the most productive workouts and exercise suggestions.

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Space Saving Design

Even though this Ultimate Body Works is a great addition to any home gym, it’s perfect for anybody who doesn’t have a room just for exercise equipment.

Forget the old home gym image. No need for a lot of space with only 4 resistance bands and a frame with a sliding platform you just don’t need a lot of room. Not several different machines and weights and plates lying around the floor.

Surprising Results From Such Simplicity

Whether you live in an apartment or like to workout while watching TV, the SpaceSaver design makes exercising at home easy. The machine is quick and easy to fold up for storage and roll it to your storage area.

In fact, it folds up so compact you’ll never have a problem finding a place to store it our of the way when you’ve finished your workout.

One Machine, One Full Body Workout

As simple as this one piece of home workout equipment is, it will work all your muscle groups. And it does that without a lot of getting up and readjusting as some home gyms do.

As you target different muscle groups on different days you will experience a complete and comprehensive total body workout. It’s a powerhouse piece of equipment that not only helps you build muscle but greatly improves range of motion and flexibility.

The Ultimate Home Gym System

The Weider Ultimate Body Works can be your own ultimate home gym system. You will experience a safe, comfortable, and productive workout without a gym membership and in the comfort of your own home.

The multi exercise system offers every bodybuilding exercise you could need including, ab crunches, triceps, biceps, pull down exercises, lat back exercises, thighs, legs, butt, etc. In fact, with the adjustable power bands, it’s easy to target your arms, shoulders, back, core, and legs in the same workout.

Replaces a Number of Gym Machines

Because of its innovative design and simplicity, this single system replaces several machines commonly used in the gym. Instead of hanging around and socializing while waiting on the next machine in line, it’s all combined into one piece of equipment.


  • 3 month parts and labor warranty
  • Target all major muscle groups with only one machine for total workouts
  • Incline bench to vary workout intensity for different muscle groups as you progress
  • The board slides on the frame for various workouts
  • Sturdy and well-built design assures trouble-free use for years to come
  • 4 resistance bands to add up to 50 pounds of resistance to your own body weight
  • Folds up and rolls to clear the room and store when not in use
  • Greatly increased flexibility and range of motion from the pulley system
  • Cost effective


How It Works

This is the ultimate exercise machine indeed. The ingenious system operates with simple cables and pulleys that serve to move the bench when you’re working out. So, instead of having a pile of weight disc lying around to be added to a bar, you are actually pulling against your own body weight as the platform slides on the rails.

You won’t have any weights to take on and off as you go through your workouts. The only parts you’ll have are the 4 resistance bands to add up to 50 pounds of additional weight for when you have achieved the max results with the machine.

What You May Not Like?

  • Not really for bodybuilders. Even though this exercise equipment is great for adding strength, lean muscle mass, and toning, it’s not for for bulking up like a bodybuilder. Why? Because if you want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger you’ll need much heavier weights.
  • Some people say it’s heavy? Not me, but it does weight about 80 pounds? Actually you would never lift the whole thing, only one end to roll it.
  • Some people think it’s hard to roll? Well, to tell the truth, It’s probably hard to roll in shag carpet? But then who has shag carpet? The reason you might find it more difficult than rolling a bicycle is that the wheels are small and in the stabilizer bar. Unless you are rolling it in grass, I doubt you’ll have a problem, especially with the increased muscle from using the thing.


I think overall, the Weider Ultimate Body Works is the ideal machine for anyone who wants a great piece of equipment to get in shape or stay in shape. Why waste a monthly gym fee if you would rather get a good workout at home to stay physically fit and looking good?

You will definitely get a well-rounded workout that involves all muscle groups without investing a ton of money. Unlike most home gyms that utilize a lot of weights, cables, bows, and/or weights taking up a lot of floor space, the Weider is compact. It uses much less space than most any other type of machine and does a good job.

It goes together fast and easy because most of it is already put together out of the box. Forget spending hours with tools all over the house trying to put it together. It’s simple to put together, simple to use, and get all the benefits of working out at home.

If you’re thinking about your first piece or adding a piece of equipment to your home gym, I highly recommend the Ultimate Body Works. I am blown away by the results from such an inexpensive and simple piece of equipment that’s easy to use and store when my exercise is finished.

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