What Is The Best Exercise For High Blood Pressure

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  1. Thanks so much for this very informative and in-depth article on the best exercise for high blood pressure.

    I believe exercise is the key to alleviating a lot of illnesses not only high blood pressure but ailments such has arthritis too.

    However, I believe it is the combination of exercise and good eating habits is best. If you exercise regularly, but eat junk food all day, you’re not going to be very healthy. What do you think?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Barb

      No doubt that it takes exercise and healthy eating habits to stay in good health with good blood pressure levels. Actually you can inherit some of the factors that cause hypertension, and then you need to do even more about staying healthy, and you can never go wrong with aerobic/cardio exercises.

  2. I have had high blood pressure for awhile now and I use to have it under control by running a few days per week until the birth of my son came along. The running stopped and the blood pressure went back up so I can fully agree on how cardio and help keep your BP in normal ranges. Now that he is a little older it’s time to get back on the horse again and get that cardio going.

    1. HI and thanks for reading this post on exercising for high blood pressure, because exercise is so important to our health. 

      We all seem to spend more time sitting these days, and our body takes a real beating from not enough physical activity. Most anything that involves moving on your feet instead of a sedentary lifestyle is better than nothing, and the more aerobic exercise you can get, the better your blood pressure will be, no matter who you are.

  3. I agree that diet is a key part of making sure we have the right fuel in our bodies and a healthy system. I have the hardest time wanting to exercise. I have tried so many different programs and methods. My wife is thinking about getting an elliptical with our tax return. We tried subscribing to a service called Daily Burn but our internet is to slow to load it. I do walk when I can but live in western WA where it rains all the time. I really liked all the different ways you recommended just fitting exercise in with different things we do every day anyway.

    1. HI Michael

      I’m glad I’m not alone when it comes to making myself exercise for high blood pressure! And I never know why it’s so difficult to stick to my exercise program — because I am well aware of how much better I feel when I do? 

      I try to walk or jog most days of the week and am quite aware that my health, blood pressure, weight,energy levels, and longevity all depend on it. Good luck on using your elliptical regularly.  My Schwinn airdyne sits in the corner all by itself collecting dust?

      In the end I think staying conscious of the benefits of exercise and trying your best to develop a habit is the key to lower blood pressure, the will power to stay on a good diet, and staying healthy. 

  4. This caught my eye because I have always said I don’t ever want to have to deal with high blood pressure. I am 64, my doctor says my readings are normal. I kind of got into a sedentary lifestyle after surgery, but recently I started at the gym. Based on your article it seems I need to step up the workouts a bit. I want to do something fun like dancing. Thank you for the tips !

  5. My mother is suffering from high blood pressure but she does not have the time to actually workout because she is so pre-occupied with her work. I have been trying to get her to exercise but she wouldn’t listen to me. Fortunately, I came across this article so that I can show it to her and hopefully she listens. *fingers crossed*

    1. Thanks Rab for your comments

      High blood pressure is one of those “silent killers” because there is no symptoms, and it’s easy to deny that it’s harmful.

      Sometimes the best approach to getting someone to be proactive about their high blood pressure and exercising is just to talk about how dangerous high BP is, and how it can end life in many ways prematurely. Once I started thinking about the toll my blood pressure was taking on my health and lifestyle, I started being more aggressive about lowering it.

      Good luck with your mother, and her own BP

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