Best Elliptical For Home: 5 Picks to Get You Fit and Slim

Whether you want to get in shape, lose weight, get fit, or increase endurance, it’s just hard to beat an elliptical for home use. Get low-intensity – or all out HIIT – workouts with your own elliptical to get fit fast.

Like any exercise equipment, there is a wide variety of products to choose from. Instead of trying to decide on the one best, we’ve reviewed the top 5 ellipticals for home use.

Let’s get right to our top 5 picks with this quick comparison chart followed by more in-depth reviews.

I’ve read that there are more than six million ellipticals in private homes, with the numbers growing steadily. The main reason for this universal acceptance is the design which is created to provide a great cardio workout that mimics jogging but is a low impact exercise.

1. Exerpeutic Elliptical 1000xl is Our Top Choice

Exerpeutic is our top choice because of the brand name reputation, the array of standard options, and durability. It delivers exactly what you would expect from any elliptical workout machine — At an exceptionally affordable price.

Exerpeutic 1000XL Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical
  • DESIGN: Natural Elliptical motion eliminates any bouncy movement that other competitive elliptical experience.
  • TENSION RESISTANCE: 8 Level magnetic tension resistance adjustments can provide the user with a more challenging workout
  • COMPUTER: An easy to read large window LCD display that indicates distance, calories burned, time, speed, scan and target zone heart rate monitoring.
  • TARGET ZONE MONITOR: Pulse pads on the additional stationary handle bars provide heart rate monitoring
  • QUIETNESS: The precision balanced flywheel and V- belt drive provide a smooth and quiet operation. It will not interfere with watching TV or listening to music.

The Exerpeutic 1000xl is Feature Rich and Affordable

Get the most out of your exercise with the affordable and feature-rich Exerpeutic. Keep track of how you are doing with the LCD display for keeping up with distance, time, calories burned, speed, and your heart rate. Just grasp the heart rate monitor built into the handlebars anytime you want to check your HR — and read it on the monitor.

Exerpeutic 1000XL Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical LCD Monitor and Heart Rate Sensors
Quality Equipment for Affordable Prices

If you are looking for a very effective and thorough workout at an affordable price, this is as far as you need to look. The 8 levels of magnetic tension provides you with just the right challenge for a low impact workout. Be the envy of friends as you shape up in style for an affordable price.

Heavy Duty and Zero Impact for Less Stress on Joints

The Exerpeutic Magnetic Elliptical is certainly a heavy-duty exercise machine with a weight of 300 lbs. Providing a zero-impact workout means no stress on your hips, ankles, or knees for a total body workout with dual action arms.

Exerpeutic Elliptical 1000xl Key Features

● Solid built and lightweight (88lbs)
● 300 lbs. weight capacity
● Easy to read and large LCD readout computer
● Provides both upper and lower body workout

Like all ellipticals, the name of this sports equipment comes from the way each stride takes your foot around an elliptical arc. At the same time, your arms are pushing and pulling as if you were holding them up while jogging or speed walking. Run backward as well as forward without tripping to work different leg muscles.

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer

Nautilus is a name most people recognize when it comes to exercise equipment. The E614 is their home version Elliptical Trainer featuring the DualTrack LCD multi-display console. It comes with goal tracking which allows you to set and keep up with your exercise goals.

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer
  • Goal Track capability enables users to set individual exercise goals
  • 22 programs: 9 profile, 8 heart rate control, 2 custom, 2 fitness test & 1 quick start
  • 20 levels of resistance for a wide range of workout intensity options
  • High speed, high inertia drive system with a perimeter weighted flywheel for easy start up and smooth, consistent workouts
  • Dual Track LCD displays

Nautilus is a Well Known Name for Home Gyms

The Nautilus E614 never stops getting compliments. It merges the latest technology and design for a cutting edge exercise product. You will definitely maximize your training sessions and get the best cardio workout without stressing your joints on this elliptical. Make losing weight a cinch as you exercise your entire body on this equipment in the privacy of your own home.

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer
This is a high end elliptical with a high end computer

Computer Features

  • DualTrack™ two LCD window system
  • 9 profile programs with 3 fun rides, 3 mountain rides, and 3 challenges.
  • 8 heart rate programs that includes custom settings
  • 2 fitness test programs that measure personal physical fitness improvements
  • 2 user profiles for storing personal information and workout data
  • Quick start capability
  • Workout data includes:
    • Time
    • Distance
    • Level
    • Revolutions Per Minute
    • Heart Rate (on grip pads, or you can add a HR monitor strap, sold-separately)
    • Calories

The E614 is a mid-level elliptical machine with an impressive array of programs, resistance levels, and computer features for your workouts. This is not economy equipment but comes closer to commercial-grade tools for exercising. So, if you are looking for a more solid piece for your home gym, the Nautilus E614 could be your best choice.

Nautilus is Well Worth the Money

It’s hard to find a better brand than Nautilus in the fitness equipment industry. They started in the 80s and quickly became a standard as the best home gym equipment. This piece of equipment is strong, well balanced, and feels god even during your strongest high-intensity workouts. Even though it comes with a 10 year warranty on the frame, I doubt you could live long to hurt it with a 300 lb weight capacity.

Use 6 Levels of Incline and 20 Resistance Levels

Nautilus comes with a 6 level incline to add even more intensity to the 20 resistance levels. You will need to stop momentarily to reach down and adjust the incline settings, but I never considered that a big deal. It’s quite convenient and easy to use, you just have to stop pedaling and reach down in front of you to lift or lower the lever.

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer Foot Plates
The footplates are in the perfect position and well padded for comfort

If you are into comfort and convenience, this is it. Everything from the handgrips, handlebars, pulse sensors, and computer are ergonomic and super easy to reach. The footplates are designed with plenty of room to move around and find just the right position and are well cushioned.

Nautilus E614 Key Features

● Great Warranty
● Perimeter weighted flywheel delivers a smooth ride
● Stability and durability second to none
● Top of the line computer and programming
● Tablet shelf

Exercising on an elliptical provides one of the best cardiovascular workouts because it’s basically a full-body workout. Most of these machines have dual action handlebars which means you use your waist and all muscles below as you pedal, along with from your waist up for pushing and pulling the handlebars.

Efitment Elliptical

Who wouldn’t be happy to ride the Compact Efitment E005? It’s a magnetic belt drive elliptical trainer that brings you a smooth and flowing workout for both upper and lower body.

EFITMENT Compact Magnetic Elliptical Machine
  • COMPACT - A small footprint design makes this a space saver and ideal for small rooms, apartments, or anywhere where a tight space is required
  • PORTABLE - Transport wheels for effortless mobility! Simply tilt and roll with ease from room to room, or store it away out of sight.
  • TOTAL BODY WORKOUT - Provides a no impact, smooth flowing workout for your upper and lower body.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY MONITOR - The LCD monitor displays time, speed, distance, calories burned, pulse rate and scan. Its also has a slot to prop up your smartphone or tablet.
  • QUIET AND MOBILE - A belt driven flywheel ensures a quiet, smooth and maintenance free workout.

This Efitment elliptical is another perfect option if you’re looking for all the benefits of running without the knee pounding. In fact, why not enjoy all the benefits of running the streets while at home watching your favorite movie or TV program? Monitor and maintain the perfect and steady target heart rate for an ultimate cardio workout.

EFITMENT Compact Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer with LCD Monitor and Pulse Rate Grips
Efitment hand pulse sensors are perfectly located to maintain your target heartrate

Affordable Equipment With the Benefits of Running

Take advantage of the perfect cardio workout for weight loss with the hand pulse sensors built into the stationary bars. Efitment’s heartrate monitor will help you keep your fat burning at max levels while your exercise. The LCD monitor keeps up with your time, speed, distance, calorie burn, and pulse rate.

8 levels of magnetic resistance adjusted in easy arms reach will set the challenge to suit your own fitness goals. Just turn up the resistance as you get stronger to stay challenged. The top levels are all the challenge most anyone would ever want, so you will never worry about outgrowing the Efitment elliptical.

Perfect for Small Spaces and Mobile

The LCD monitor displays time, speed, distance, calories burned, pulse rate and scan. Featuring large, textured, slip-resistant foot platforms to accommodate all users and center handle bars for safety and balance. The E005 incorporates transportation wheels for easy mobility to move and store away your equipment out of sight, and also has a maximum user weight of 220 lbs.

According to studies exercising on an elliptical machine has far less impact on joints than on most other cardio equipment while burning about the same amount of calories as running on a treadmill. It may not seem as if elliptical workouts would deliver the same results as a high impact workout, but they do. Standing on the pedals actually make it a weight-bearing exercise that burns calories, increases heart rate, and increases bone density.

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical
  • ZERO IMPACT EXERCISE: Ideal for all fitness levels, the comfortable and naturally-reclined seated position reduces body fatigue and eliminates the stress on the joints and back while still delivering a full fat-burning cardio workout.
  • WHISPER-QUIET, FLUID STRIDE: The unique striding motion protects your knees and joints while engaging near-silent variable magnetic resistance that adjusts with one simple dial.
  • TOTAL BODY WORKOUT: Dual power motion works your upper and lower body simultaneously, engaging all major muscle groups to build strength and burn more calories. Modify the workout by isolating your legs or arms for added intensity.
  • SMART DESIGN: Track progress with the easy-to-read, battery-powered digital console; device stand and water bottle holder; convenient transport wheels.
  • COMMERCIAL-GRADE ENGINEERING: Friction-free linkage system means long-lasting use; 54 x 38 footprint is a low profile addition to your home.

Teeter FreeStep is a Unique Exercise Machine

Last, but as you can see not least, is the Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical. As you see at first glance, this is a rather unique exerciser. And if you happen to have back problems or anything that keeps you from standing, the Teeter FreeStep answers the call.

Teeter Puts You In Control

The Teeter provides a full-body workout as you sit down and exercise. Easily and quickly adjust the handlebar height, seat height, and recline to the perfect position to fit your own position and height. One great advantage of sitting is that sitting keeps your knees from moving directly over your feet like a normal elliptical, walking, or using an exercise bike. When your knees aren’t traveling directly over your feet, it helps to stabilize your back and hips for a stress-free workout.

Ideal for Anyone Who Needs to Sit While Exercising

The Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer is a perfect addition to any home gym for fitness enthusiast of any skill level. It’s an ideal set up for anyone with disabilities or any reason that makes sitting and getting a workout the best option. This exercise machine is often used in rehabs and is considered a medium-duty machine with a weight limit of up to 300 lbs.

Like any elliptical, you will get an effective cardiovascular workout as you work both upper and lower body. Improve flexibility, coordination, and balance with an impact-free activity that’s easier on joints. Using it regularly increases heart muscle strength, improves lung capacity, and burns calories for losing and maintaining weight.

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical

Change the resistance with a twist of the knob for frictionless magnetic brake resistance and whisper-quiet pedaling. Get a full cross-training exercise session with your own muscle targeting. Isolate muscles in your arms or legs, and go farther to target biceps or triceps and your back. Check out this unique exercise machine that so many love.

Teeter Features

● No-impact exercise in a seated position
● Dial-adjusted resistance
● Easily isolate legs from arms while exercising
● Transport wheels

Elliptical Machine Benefits

If you don’t own an elliptical machine or trainer, it’s time to get started. Whether you need an aerobic workout for cardio benefits, to burn calories for weight loss, or toning muscles, they are one of the best pieces of home gym equipment to own.

Just make a trip to any gym, and see for yourself how popular they are for cardio workouts. They’ve left other machines like treadmills, and exercise bikes behind in reputation for shaping up. If you’re wondering if owning your own would be the right move for you, here’s why so many people love them below.

1. Elliptical Design

Ellipticals are designed for an impressive workout that’s gentle on your body. In fact, they are one of the few good exercise machines that provide an appealing cardiovascular workout that’s impact-free.

When you are using an elliptical trainer, your body isn’t jarred or in an uncomfortable position and your feet never leave the pedals. Most have two sets of handlebars. One set that’s stationary for you to hold onto if you’re not using the movable bars that imitate a running or skiing motion.

With the movement of your feet on the pedals in sync with the back and forth motion of the handlebars, you get a full-body workout second to no other machine.

2. Physical Benefits

As I mentioned, ellipticals are impact-free. That means if you do have any joint, tendon, or ligament problems current or past — these machines aren’t as likely to aggravate or re-injure them. If you don’t, then they are perfect for staying in shape and protecting the most vulnerable joints when it comes to exercise: hips, knees, and ankles.

Staying active with worn joints is easy.

Many times we are advised after injuries and accidents to stay active, but then we find that the exercise we need is just too strenuous? These exercise machines are the perfect solution. They provide the exertion levels you need to keep your joints mobile and raise your heart rate without risk of injury.

Must exercise equipment is made for the same monotonous movements over and over, but not so much with ellipticals. Pedal forward for a while, and change the direction for reverse mode. Exercise your entire body at the same time with pedaling, or pedal and grip the stationary handlebars. They give you the freedom to slow down, speed up, or change the nature of your routine entirely.

3. Cardio Benefits

Ellipticals are known for providing a great cardio workout. Cardio workouts are any physical activity that raises your heart rate to about 75% of it’s maximum and holds it there for 30 minutes or more. By doing this you keep your heart itself fit and strong as it also pumps fresh oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in your body.

Activating large muscle groups burns more calories.

The best way to do this is by putting the largest muscle groups of your body, legs, into action. Ellipticals fully engage your legs as you pedal and your upper body to help circulate the oxygen-rich blood at the same time. The force and exertion levels are completely under your control as you pedal at the speed you choose, and set the challenge to your fitness level with different resistance levels for the perfect workout.

4. Weight Loss

It is amazing that I can use my machine and expend less effort than running but still burn almost the same amount of calories with a thorough workout. I’m always pumping with legs and full upper body at the same time. Because it’s operated with my own energy exertion and motion I’m using more muscle groups than I do on either a stair machine or treadmill.

Why have multiple pieces of gym equipment at home when one does it all?

It’s said to be one of the most efficient ways to lose weight and tone my body at the same time. The effectiveness of my exercise as I pedal and push and pull the handlebars targets my arms, legs and abdominal muscles simultaneously is astounding.

5. Low Joint Impact Exercise

Ellipticals are one of the most popular forms of exercise for anyone with knee or hip problems. Research shows that maintaining healthy bones and joints depends on weight-bearing activities such as running, walking, or sports activities that require you to stand on your feet.

Ellipticals provide no-impact exercise with phenomenal results.

But that’s not so easy to do with worn, sore, or painful joints and we need alternatives such as ellipticals. There’s no pounding impact on joints with this equipment because your feet never lose contact with the pedals. Instead, the operation of the equipment gently moves your feet in an oval arc much like you are walking or running. Using the movable and synchronized handlebars leaves you with a full-body low impact workout.

6. The Workout is Smooth and Flowing

There’s no beating up the joints as you step down on a pedal or platform and the other foot rises as if you are stepping. The action involves both legs and both arms at the same time in a smooth and flowing movement that is satisfying to the body.

Safe workouts for all ages.

The strain and vigorous motion of moving bodyweight in other activities is reduced by the action of arms and legs at the same time. Because you are always holding on to the handles, it produces a safe workout without any fear of tripping over your own feet, or objects as it reduces wear and stress on joints.

7. Easy to Sustain Exercise

Home elliptical machines provide the best natural and easy to sustain exercise I know about. But don’t let that mislead you. Because it is such a full body workout, the calorie burn, toning effects, and increased endurance matches any other exercise machine.

Who knew exercise could be so easy?

Ellipticals make your workout feel like you don’t exert as much energy as they complement and enhance natural body movements. They actually focus on particular muscle groups with each movement for an extensive, and easy to sustain exercise experience.

8. Resistance Levels to Challenge Your Strength

The best ellipticals allow you to adjust resistance levels because we all have different strength levels and the point of any exercise is to increase strength. So, as your workouts continue, you will do better to keep your body challenged.

Most of these exercise machines have at least 8 settings or levels that range from almost effortless to a challenge to even the strongest athletes. So, with this one machine, you are assured of constantly increasing and maintaining your endurance and strength levels.

Total Body Workouts With An Elliptical Machine

Cardiovascular health and workouts are a vital part of any exercise regime whether you are working out at home, on the streets, or in a gym. Even though there are several different pieces of cardio workout equipment available, it’s just hard to beat an elliptical. It provides a total body makeover along with a cardio session for improved fitness.

Why Are Elliptical Machines Good Exercise?

Elliptical trainers continue to grow in popularity because of the results they produce and the ease of use. If you are thinking about a really highly effective workout for burning fat, this is the equipment to get it done. If you’ve been thinking it’s time to start dieting and you’ve come to realize that cardio exercises are the best workout for losing weight, these machines are the best choice.

Get a full-body workout for staying fit and losing excess pounds.

Anyone who has used them is quite aware of the full body workout that employs almost every muscle group in a smooth and gentle workout. Set your own pace, as you pedal faster or slower, along with the resistance settings that makes any session easy or challenging productive.

1. Low Impact Exercise

Whether you are running or walking, every time your foot strikes the ground it sends a jar up through your ankles, knees, hips, and spine. We all have cartilage within the joints designed to absorb that shock, but sometimes we’ve already worn the cartilage out. And some of us want to protect joints from undue wear and tear.

Better than running, and easier too.

Elliptical trainers solve this problem because your feet never leave the foot pads as you exercise. Instead of your feet striking a hard surface with each step, the machine revolves your foot up and down in a movement that imitates that of stepping as you run. Therefore there is no impact on any of your joints while you still enjoy all the health benefits of running, walking, jogging, or even skiing.

2. Burning Calories for Weight Loss

We all seem to be looking for a quick fix, and an easy way to eat what we want and stay slim. Well, to tell you the truth, you must get it settled in your mind that to lose weight or maintain your weight, you must burn at least as many calories as you eat.

The problem for most of us today is that our careers or jobs don’t provide enough physical activity to burn those calories. If that’s you, aerobic exercise for 30+ minutes done 3-5 times a week is the answer to your weight problems. And the best way to get this is on your own elliptical exercise equipment in the privacy of your own home to keep your caloric intake balanced with the calories you consume each day.

The more calories you burn the more weight you lose.

According to one study at Harvard Medical School, a person weighing 160 pounds can burn as many as 345 calories in 30 minutes on an elliptical machine. See why I say it’s the best piece of gym equipment for losing weight?

They burn the calories fast as you use both your arms and legs to exert the energy. As you use your upper and lower body instead of what you do with steppers or treadmills, the calorie burn is terrific. So, if you are ready to kick start your diet, start pedaling today. You will sculpt and tone your entire body with this aerobic machine.

3. Weight-Bearing Exercise for Healthy Bones

Bone density and osteoporosis is a real concern these days, simply because we don’t get enough weight-bearing exercise. Weight-bearing is nothing more than standing on your feet, and we spend far too much time sitting. The risk of osteoporosis is high for the entire population but even greater for women.

Strengthen bones and lower the risk of osteoporosis with your own elliptical.

Most any exercise will put you on your feet at some point. Even using free weights or weight machines are good examples of making healthy bones. However, working out on your feet is the superior method, and ellipticals answer the call. Keeping a strong heart and cardiovascular system lowers your risk for all disease, so why not get your cardio at the same time you strengthen bones and tone your entire body.

4. Ellipticals Provide Challenging Workouts

If you’re already a seasoned exerciser, you may wonder if this piece of gym equipment will keep up the challenge for you? There’s no need to be concerned about the level of workout you can get from any of the elliptical trainers on this page. Each one of them come with tension and resistance adjustments that go from complete freedom of movement to all you will ever want.

Never worry about a challenging workout with built in resistance levels for just the right exertion.

In fact, most of the better trainers come equipped with on-board computers for setting different programs for your workouts. Simply choose between different weight loss workouts and interval workouts. You will usually find at least 6-8 different programs and protocols in each machine’s computer.

5. Good for All Ages and Fitness Levels

One of the best things about elliptical exercisers is the ease of use for anyone, with no regard at all of their personal fitness level. Because it mimics the action of walking, running, snow skiing, and bicycling, it’s a perfect and natural fit for anyone who steps on it.

Ellipticals are so easy they are good for pregnant women.

In fact, they are the perfect match for pregnant women staying active until the baby arrives. It’s such a low impact machine that’s easy to implement into your day it’s great for almost anyone. And seniors and people of any age with ongoing joint problems find they are just the right match to keep them active.

What Features to Look for in a Home Elliptical

1. Resistance Levels

You definitely need variable resistance levels to get the most out of your exercise. Some models come with resistance levels and inclines, usually the more expensive styles. But either one will help keep your workouts strong to get the most from them as your endurance and strength improves with use. And, trust me, it will with regular use.

2. Computer

Unless you go for the absolute base models, computers are pretty much considered standard on exercise equipment these days. Without them, you never know how hard or how fast you are going. Some elliptical models offer built-in programs to set up your sessions ahead of time and keep up with your personal goals. Look for built-in access to apps and blue tooth to get the most value.

3. Heart Rate Sensors

Some people think because they are on their feet at work, it counts as exercise? That’s rarely the case, and here’s why: For physical activity to be exercise, it needs to raise your heart rate. When you raise your heart rate, you naturally take in more oxygen, and breathe out body fat that’s been converted to c02. So, to get the most from your elliptical exercise routines, you need an hr sensor built into the handlebars that reads out on the LCD computer screen.

4. A Quiet Ride

Make sure your trainer is quiet when you workout. You might want to watch TV or listen to music while exercising, so you want a machine that’s quiet. If you live in an apartment you may want a rubber mat to absorb any vibrations.

5. Portability

Decide ahead of time, if you will have a permanent place for your elliptical machine. Most people don’t have a permanent gym set up in their home, so they wind up moving their equipment from a storage area to a place to exercise. If that’s you, look for something that has small built-in wheels to aid in moving yours from place to place. Most are lightweight and easily moved by lifting one end and pushing or pulling to the destination.


There’s a reason elliptical machines are so popular, and that’s because they actually produce some of the best workouts possible. Whether you need to shed a few pounds, get in better shape, increase your endurance levels for exercise or walking at the mall, these machines put out the results you need.

Like any exercise regime or equipment, it takes using it to see the results, though! With it right in your own home, it’s easy to make the time, without missing your favorite TV program. Workout in your underwear if you like, nobody cares in the privacy of your house.

Ellipticals are economical and fit every budget.

The main thing is to choose a machine that fits in your budget and has the options you want, and then use it. for the best results, you will need to exercise no less than 30 minutes at the time. If you’ve been sort of sedentary, lately start out slow and work your way up to more intense and longer sessions.

Most ellipticals make that easy with variable resistance settings. You can get the best exercise experience when you have enough resistance to make you work a little, but not struggle. If you’re struggling with the movement, turn it down so you can exercise for 30 minutes and carry on a conversation at the same time.

Keep a journal to get the best results.

If you plan to challenge yourself a little more periodically, get an exercise journal. Keeping an up to date journal of your activities at home will produce the best possible workouts as you challenge yourself more and more.

Elliptical machines first started appearing in 1990s, and after being studied and scrutinized for several years they have been found to be one of the best home exercise machines. If you need a great piece of gym equipment for your home, don’t miss these for a total body workout without the need for multiple fitness machines.

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