Is Group Fitness Training Good or Bad?

Group fitness classes are everywhere these days and basically means any type of fitness program done with a group, and usually led by a trainer or instructor. But is group fitness training good or bad?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of group fitness to decide if these classes are beneficial to your goals.

Gyms include a wide range of group fitness classes, including things like core strengthening, cardio and cycling, and all kinds of strength training.

So, you can see there are group classes in both aerobic and strength training.

Without a doubt, there are plenty of benefits when it comes to getting fit with a group vs individual training.

In fact, sometimes, it’s easier to stay motivated with a little natural competition that comes from exercising with a group of people.

While it has many positive aspects, fitness classes aren’t always suitable for everyone. So, if you are considering enrolling in fitness classes, it would be a good idea for you to consider the various pros and cons I’ve listed below.

Group Fitness Pros


Some people find training with groups to be extremely motivating. The classes are excellent for motivating you to exercise when all you really feel like doing is being a couch potato.

The motivation comes much easier with energetic instructors, music that just makes you feel like moving and the support you give and get from your peers.

If you are the kind of person who has a hard time staying motivated and sticking to goals, getting fit with a group may well be the right thing for you.


While skipping a workout that you would typically carry out by yourself may have little to no consequences, this is not the case with training with a group.

If you make plans to attend training with your friends, they will be disappointed in you if you do not show up without having a valid reason.

Sure, everybody gets sick or injured from time to time, which certainly justifies you skipping class. However, skipping out of laziness is not, and your friends and peers will hold you accountable for your failure to attend training classes.

This improves the probabilities of you keeping on track and reaching your goal. If you feel that, you may slack off unless held accountable, this may be the right workout for you.

Varied And Fun

Training with other like minded people and an instructor is usually has a lot of variations. It is unlikely that you will be doing the same exercises over and over again, which makes it a lot of fun.

Furthermore, trainers all tend to have a different teaching approach, so, if you try different classes by different teachers, you will be adding to your training diversity. This just does not occur when you are training at home by yourself or participating in a group sport.

Group Fitness Cons

Classes Are Not Specifically Designed For You

Although these group settings possesses many positive aspects, you may find that it does not lead to results in your specific weight loss goals. This is because, since classes differ significantly from each other, training lacks in consistency.

Group workouts are designed for the masses, so they may not be suitable for your specific weaknesses or needs.

Lack Of Attention To Your Performance

Classes tend to be quite large. Therefore, instructors may struggle to scrutinize everybody’s performance and correct them if need be. Proper form when exercising is always important to reduce the risk of injury, and in a group form is often overlooked.

Having stated this, however, talented instructors and trainers are able to give you oral cues and demonstrate how the exercises should be done โ€” if they notice you are doing them incorrectly.

It is also difficult to perform an exercise correctly if you are using equipment that you have never seen โ€“ let alone used โ€“ before.

If you want to be on the safe side, particularly when you are still new to this type of fitness training, you may need to consider paying extra in order to be in classes with smaller groups.

That way, you can rest assured that you will be getting all of the attention and the feedback you need to learn exercises properly.

The Risk Of Training Too Intensely

Exercising with a class encourages you to work out as hard as you possibly can, especially with fitness machines. While this is certainly very helpful if you have difficulty motivating yourself, it may cause some people to suffer from exhaustion (which would prevent them from going to their next session) and even muscle damage.


Regular exercise is a must for most people dedicated to fitness and the best health. However, it’s harder for some people to stay motivated to keep a regular exercise routine by themself.

If that’s you, group fitness training could be your answer. Ask around and look for groups with expert fitness trainers to beat the boredom along with getting solid training for a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer.

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