5 Ways Plank Exercises Can Transform Your Body Fast

With so many complex exercise routines out there, it can be pretty hard to find one that isn’t too complicated, time consuming, or requires a lot of equipment. But, simple plank exercises can transform your entire body fast.

When you are into transforming your body for a better look, doing exercises that focus on several muscle groups at the same time is ideal. Doing your workouts like this help you achieve both your performance and aesthetic goals.

When it comes to great bodyweight exercises, planks are the perfect choice.

Planks offer an effective and efficient total body exercise that you can do anywhere and with no equipment. On top of that, it will have a great impact on your body super fast. And your present fitness level doesn’t matter because you simply start from where you are now.

5 Main Benefits From Doing Planks

1. Less Back Pain

You will greatly reduce the risk of experiencing an injury in your spinal and back column, since it is an exercise that will allow you to build muscle without putting a lot of pressure on your hips or spine.

According to an article written by the American Council on Exercise, planks not only reduce back pain, but strengthen your muscle and support your entire back as well.

2. Improved Posture

This is extremely important, as most people don’t have a straight and stable posture these days. The reason why doing planks will enable you to always maintain proper posture is because you will work your stomach and abdomen, which has a great effect on the condition of your shoulders, back, chest, and neck.

3. Increased Metabolism

By doing this, you will actually ensure that you burn calories even when you’re resting. This means that planks are much more effective when it comes to losing weight than exercises they are often compared to (such as sit-ups or crunches).

Doing a plank workout at home before going to work in the morning will also help your body keep your metabolic rate high throughout the whole day.

4. Improved Flexibility

You will become more flexible, as this exercise stretches and expands all of your posterior muscle groups, while it also stretches your toes, arches of your feet, and hamstrings.

5. Improved Mental Health and Less Stress

This is due to the fact that planks stretch out muscle groups that contribute to tension and stress in your body, which has an excellent effect on your nerves, and helps you improve your overall mood.

If you’re in the habit of sitting in your chair during most of the day, then tension will build up in your muscles. However, doing planks is an incredibly easy way to calm all those muscles. This exercise is even able to treat anxiety!

Are Planks Good For My ABs

When most people see someone doing planks, they think that it is an ab exercise. They don’t actually isolate your abs, even though it may feel like it, especially at first.

Planks definitely have an incredible impact on your abs, but actually work a lot more muscles than just your belly. When performed correctly, planks will create tension through your whole body, and activate all of your core muscles.

Since all major core muscle groups are engaged when you’re doing a plank, you will definitely see your athletic performance improve, transforms your body, and flattens your belly.

Muscle Groups Engaged With Planks

Here are some of the most important muscle groups that you will engage and the impact they have on your physical abilities:

  • Transverse abdominis. This muscle group will help you lift heavier weights.
  • Oblique muscles. These muscles will increase your capacity for stable waist-twisting and side-bending.
  • Rectus abdominis. This is the muscle group that is responsible for helping you have that stunning six-pack look. On top of that, it will also improve your athletic performance, especially when it comes to jumping.
  • Glutes. This muscle group will provide you with a strong, well-shaped backside and a supported back.


The greatest thing about planks is that you can see some tremendous results by doing them only 5-10 minutes a day. In fact, when you’re first starting out in an effort to completely transform your body with planks, a couple of minutes is enough.

The more you practice and the longer you can hold the position, the quicker the results will show up.

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