Best SmartWatches With a Heart Rate Monitor

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast at the gym or you just need to keep up with what your heart is doing, smartwatches with a heart rate monitor keeps you up to date.

Smartwatches are great for keeping track of your heart rate along with a variety of other important information. Today’s heart rate monitors are sleek, smart looking, and made to wear comfortably. 

Less expensive watches may have fewer features but not necessarily less quality.

Not sure how much you want to spend on a smart watch?

Think about which features you just can’t do without and if you are willing to pay for extras you may not use?

Let’s take a look at these smartwatches with a heart rate monitor to see how they compare and which best meets your own needs.

Best SmartWatches With a Heart Rate Monitor

Men’s Touch Screen Fossil

Fossil has become an icon in the watch industry for fine watches at affordable prices. And this smartwatch is no exception. Track your heart rate and activity with Google Fit. Features include GPS tracking, and swim-proof. Receive notifications, control music, and has a built-in fitness tracker.

Touch screen functions make it super easy to use to manage your calendar and control the music you like best. This Fossil watch is beautiful and easy to set up and use.

The Explorist HR watch is larger, like most Fossils. The premium metal 45mm case gives you plenty of room to access the touch screen. The watch face is clear and bright, and much easier for your finger to fit and easily move around than most other smart watches.

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch, Blue-Gray/Silver, One Size (S & L Bands Included)

Fitbit is a common household term and you can always count on their products for quality and innovation.  The Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch is a fine timepiece with plenty of features to help you stay healthy and fit – along with music storage,  apps,  and more.

Fitbit’s continuous and automatic heart rate monitor is built into the smartwatch and is easy to access. But that’s not all you get with Fitbit! You will reach your weight goals with all-day activity and calorie burn, real-time heart rate zones, and guided breathing sessions to help manage stress.

Get call and text alerts right on Fitbit smartwatch along with payment apps and a customizable face. You can stop worrying about the functions lasting all day too because the battery life in the Fitbit Ionic is going to last 4 days. It will track your steps, distance, your weight, a place to log your food intake, goals, and sleep.

Garmin Forerunner 235 – The Watch for Runners

There’s plenty of great smartwatches to choose from, and the Garmin Forerunner 235 is is really the watch for runners — walkers too! The Garmin forerunner is always on the job to monitor your heart rate, but it has plenty more features to go with that. It uses a GPS system to track your distance, your pace, and let you know how long you’ve been at it.

The 235 keeps up with all your activity, like how many steps you’ve walked and how many calories you’ve burned doing it. It comes with smart notifications so you can view your emails, texts, calls, social media, and more without digging for your phone. Worried about the weather? Count on Garmin’s wireless connectivity to check on the weather forecast before you run. VO2 Max in this smartwatch stays involved in your exercise with you as it estimates the maximum volume of oxygen you can use right on the screen.

Even though loaded with features that work well for most activities, it’s especially suited for runners. Keeping up with steps, distance, time and your heart rate outside or on a treadmill, along with with monitoring daily steps, sleep, and your calorie intake makes the Garmin Forerunner 235 a favorite.

Garmin Vivosmart Hr+

This Garmin Vivosmart HR+ comes equipped with a host of tracking capabilities for a variety of exercises — Everything from running, biking, snowboarding and more. This is a solid activity tracker with a built-in heart rate monitor plus GPS tracking. You can easily count steps, calories used, steps climbed, minutes you’ve exercised, and on and on. Do all of this while the GPS tracks how far you’ve been and how long it took you.

This Garmin doesn’t back up at the pool either. The HR+ will swim within 50 meters of water, so don’t worry about getting it wet. Receive smart notifications that include email, text, calls, social media and more when you’ve paired it with your smartphone. Sync it to Garmin Connect Mobile and you can get fitness challenges, review data, and progress along with coaching. You can download the Garmin Connect to your phone or just log on at your desktop. Plan, save and share all your activities on the app.

Why SmartWatches?

Wearing smartwatches with heart rate monitors is like having an insightful personal trainer with you at all times.

It’s surprising how well smartwatches can help you lose weight,  and improve your fitness and overall health by keeping track of one of the essential metrics — monitoring your heart rate.

When it comes to upping your fitness and health levels — paying attention to your heart rate during any exercise routine helps you maximize your training and reach your goals. 

Fortunately for us, smartwatches with a heart rate monitor is here to the rescue.

All smartwatches start off as a wearable computer with a touchscreen that takes the shape of a wristwatch and quickly starts transforming into different devices with different functions, apps, and purpose.

Smartwatches have evolved into something akin to smartphones since their inception in 2010. They now come with mobile apps, a complete mobile operating system, and Bluetooth connectivity.

They can even double as media players, FM radios, and playback audio and video files through either Bluetooth or a headset.

Smartwatches with heart rate monitors are fast becoming essential equipment for fitness enthusiasts everywhere.

However, they are great for anyone wanting to keep up with their heart rate along with the other great built-in features.

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