5 Best Running BackPacks and Where to Buy Them

Depending on where you are running and why – the best answer may be to merely leave everything at home? On the other hand, some of us find the best running backpacks a luxury we don’t want to do without.

ID, car keys, wallet, a bottle of water, and a hat are just a few items you might find in my own backpack when I’m running.

Backpacks for runners just make life a lot easier. I’ve tried running with my daughter’s discarded backpack for school, but they simply aren’t designed for putting in the miles. For one thing, I want something that doesn’t jiggle around-something that’s made to fit close and is extremely comfortable.

Here’s My 5 Best Running BackPacks

1. Osprey Packs Duro 15 Hydration Pack

The Osprey Duro 15 Running Pack With Hydration cost a little more, but this is a very well made running backpack with plenty of pockets and zips to keep everything well organized.

It has extra straps that you can pull across the chest to keep it stable when running, and the shoulder straps are made of mesh to maximize the airflow. It also has a 2.5 liter hydration pack reservoir and is soft flask compatible.

Osprey is well known to be a premium backpack for runners, ultrarunners, and hikers worldwide.

Osprey Packs Duro 15 Hydration Pack for Runners
Pay a little more and get a lot more with Osprey Duro 15 Running Pack

2. Osprey Daylite Backpack

There’s a reason I have Osprey Backpacks listed twice: They are some of the best made, highest quality, most sought after, with the highest reviews of any.

The Daylite Backpack is just as good for a trip to the mall as it is an all-day run.

Not only is a great backpack for running, it also attaches to several of Ospreys other packs. It has a large panel for easy access to everything inside, and mesh pockets on the sides.

The lightweight pack has a place for a hydration sleeve and plenty of places to store small and large items.

Osprey Packs Daylite Backpack, Black
Osprey Daylight Pack comes in a wide variety of colors, is lightweight, with all the features you need to get spoiled to quality running backpacks

3. IBTXO Hydration Pack Backpack for Running

This is a super high-quality hydration pack made with the best waterproof Ripstop material. It’s waterproof, lightweight, and quite comfortable.

The built-in airflow keeps you cool in hot weather with plenty of storage and pockets.

If you’re shopping for your first hydration backpack, take note that the IBTXO doesn’t come with a bladder.

Seeing the price at the top of the page can be confusing, so scroll just barely below the image to see that you will need to add the water bladder in with the purchase. From $12-21 depending on what you get. The IBTX0 rides good and is super comfortable for a good price.

IBTXO Hydration Pack Backpack 12L Outdoors Marathoner Running Race Hydration Vest with Water Bladder for Hiking Skiing Running Cycling Camping Fits Men and Women (Blue-Only Backpack)
Click this image to view the back and sides of the IBTX0 Backpack

4. Gear Beast Running Backpack

Gear Beast is the lightest and smallest backpack for runners I entertain.

Use it to carry essentials like your phone, credit card, cash, and keys. It’s really the ideal solution if you’re not into caring hydration packs and water bottles on your runs.

The fashion, function, and quality all combine to make the perfect backpack for runners. Enjoy this easy travel storage with no bounce for keeping the essentials handy.

Made to accommodate all the latest phones with built-in ports for wires.

This gear pack is made for comfort with easy adjustable straps and strong velcro closures to keep your belongings in place and safe.

Gear Beast Running Backpack Vest Cell Phone and Accessories Holder Lightweight Pack Key Card ID Holder for Running Walking Cycling Fits iPhone X 8 7 6s 6 Plus Galaxy S9 Plus S9 S8 Plus S8 S7 Note 8
Looking for the lightest weight and compact backpack? Gear is perfectly designed for carrying the essentials on your runs with all-day comfort.

5. Azarxis Trail Runner Backpack Lightweight Vest

One of the few 5-star review products on Amazon, the Azarixis brand name backpack is simply a high quality and made to use product.

This no shake runners vest has multiple pockets for water bottles, phones, keys, money, snacks, and whatever you need to carry with you on hikes, runs, or trail runs.

It’s waterproof, sports 6 pockets, mesh, and breathable straps, and a hydration running vest made for comfort. Like other hydration vest, it does not come with a water bladder but is sold separately.

You will quickly see that Azarxis is one of the best backpacks for runners and comes in blue-gray, and red.

Azarxis Trail Runner 5.5L Hydration Pack Water Backpack Race Vest Lightweight Perfect for Marathoner Running Cycling Hiking Climbing Biking Pouch
Asarxis is a high-quality runners hydration vest with lots of storage for any run, hiking, or trail running adventure.

Do I Need a Backpack for Running?

I’m guessing that all depends on how long you run, where, and what essential gear you require. I ran a lot of trips with my car keys hidden in the car, around the car, and without any cash or water bottle with me. Then I started running places that I really wanted to take along my phone, and started devising ways to carry it; mostly in my hand?

When I first noticed other people wearing iPhone armbands, waist bags, and even backpacks, I knew there was a better way. That’s when I decided on a used backpack for school. I want you to know those will work, and especially if you like chaffing, blisters, and a lot of extra weight.

On the other hand, depending on what you would like to take with you on your runs, a backpack made specifically for running is like the best thing ever. If you just need a way to carry your phone, keys, wallet, or a little cash – the Gear Beast Running Backpack is ideal. It is designed to keep your earbud cords out of the way, and in the perfect position with just the right amount of room for your phone, keys and atm card. In fact, a ton of runners prefer it to any other method of carrying their phone for listening to tunes.

But if you need more, like room for hydration packs and bottles along with the normal stuff, there are plenty of good choices.

Backpacks Made for Running are Just Better

If you’re doing without or using a standard backpack, it’s definitely time to make the switch. Running with straps that are designed specifically to be lightweight, with straps that don’t rub against your chest, especially for women, won’t chafe, and aren’t bulky will make you smile.

Plus the material of the bag also matters – otherwise you could find yourself getting very sweaty! Zips and pockets are essential for storing smaller items that you’ll want quick, easy access to. And you may even want a bag with a hydration system built-in.

What I’m saying, is forget wishing you had a better way to carry your gear, and a better method of taking care of your phone and keys.

Try out one of these running backpacks and get the best of everything.

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