What Are The Benefits Of Using A Rowing Machine?

Most anyone who would like to get in shape, lose weight, gain muscle or strength, or just tone up can get great results from a rowing machine. What these machines do is provide a low impact and full body workout in the privacy of your own home or a gym.

One of the great benefits of a home rowing machine is that they easily fold up and conveniently store away when not in use.

Depending on your fitness level and how vigorously you like to exercise, it’s possible to burn from 200 – 350 calories in a half an hour.

That’s a lot of fat burning for energy, and more than you would burn cycling. There’s such a high calorie burn when rowing because you are using over 80% of your muscles to exercise.

Calves, thighs, hamstrings, butt, core, arms, shoulders, and upper back are all involved in the action.

Because so many muscle groups are involved at the same time, you are combining strength training with cardio exercise for some great benefits to your body.

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5 Benefits of Using A Rowing Machine

1. Full Body Workout

One of the benefits of a rowing machine is a full body workout. Rowing involves all the major muscle groups of your body. One workout provides both aerobic and resistance exercise from the same machine.

2. Aerobic Exercise Improves Your Cardiovascular System

Cardio exercise is important to everyone of every age. Cardio expands your lungs and exercises your heart muscle and your entire cardiovascular system. Go just as fast or slow as you care to exert yourself.

Either way rowing will burn calories and improve your cardiovascular system. As your fitness and endurance levels improve you can row faster and burn more calories.

3. Resistance Training To Build, Strengthen, and Tone Muscle

Most home rowing machines are equipped with the ability to adjust the resistance levels to meet your own needs. The varying resistance levels gives you an opportunity to change up your workouts from session to session.

Some days you can focus more on your upper body strength and other sessions can be to strengthen your lower body.

4. Low Impact Exercise

Running is the only other form of exercise that burns as many calories as rowing. And running, jogging, or even walking are high impact exercises that eventually take a toll on your knees and hips. Never worry about jarring your knees, hips, joints, hips, or ankles on a rowing machine.

5. Great Exercise For Any Age or Fitness Level

They provide great exercise for almost anyone of any fitness level or age. Workout at your own pace staying within your own comfort zones. If you are in great shape, or work up to being in great shape, it’s possible to burn as many as 800 calories an hour on a simple machine.

On the other hand, you can tone muscles, get in a good cardio session, and de-stress at a much slower and less vigorous pace.

Why Home Rowing Machines Are So Popular

It’s hard to watch TV without seeing some sort of new fangled home exercise machine.

But the truth is, rowing is a very natural and fluid body motion, and many new machines are putting peoples bodies into unnatural positions with twisting and turning that risk injury.

The more natural and fluid any exercise is the less risk of injury, and the better the results.

Rowing indoors is the perfect way to get in your regular exercise. It’s a low impact exercise that offers a wide range of motions and is perfect for anyone of any fitness level.

Here’s 3 More Reasons Rowers Make a Great Indoor Machine for Exercise

1. Affordable

Rowing machines are often much less expensive than treadmills or elliptical trainers. You can get the Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine for less than $300, and it’s one of the best. And don’t forget about the maintenance cost.

Because they have much fewer moving parts than other machines, there’s simply less to wear out. In fact it will probably outlast your other gym equipment.

2. Effectiveness

Because you engage almost all your major muscle groups with a rower, the workout is far more efficient than most any other type of exercise. Engage your legs and abs to push the kicking motion that drives you backward while using your arms shoulders, and back muscles with the pulling.

You can focus on either cardio, strength training, or weight loss by adjust the resistance levels to as much or little effort as you need that session. Either workout burns a tremendous amount of calories as it strengthens and tones muscles.

3. Convience

There’s two ways to use home exercise equipment: have a room set aside as a gym, or use the machine and then try to get it out of the way. If you’ve ever had a big and bulky piece of equipment in the living room for a workout and then tried to look through it to watch TV, you will appreciate a home rower.

Most are light weight, foldable, and easily stored upright in a closet or out of the way, making exercise convenient and fun.


Rowing is a great, inexpensive, and convenient way to exercise in your own home. You will get fit injury free without the hassle of gym memberships or running in the rain.

Using a machine with all the modern gadgets such as keeping up with your time, calories burned, number of motions, and so forth makes rowing a satisfying and enjoyable way to exercise.

Improve your cardio and respiratory systems as you slim down and maintain your weight with simple and fluid movements. They are relatively low priced aerobic machines that easily store when not in use, and are fun to use.

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