Here is the Top of the Line Rowing Machine

Like most products, there is a multitude of rowing machines for sale. And then there is the top of the line rowing machine. If you’re the type of person who enjoys using and exercising with the best equipment possible, this is the rowing machine for you.

If you’re the person who likes the feel of top of the line products because you know you can expect the best results and a lifetime of use, read on.

If you’re looking for a rowing machine workout that’s comfortable, strengthens your entire body, and burns fat too, this is it. Any research for the top of the line rower will quickly point to the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine. The leading machine in the industry.

With any kind of home gym equipment, I tend first to look for the best option and then look for cheaper alternatives that would provide the same benefits. The truth is, if you can afford the best, I strongly recommend this top notch rowing machine. It is truly the top of the line. Here’s my review of the Concept 2 rower.

Do these guys know anything about rowing?

Concept2, was founded by brothers Dick and Peter Dreissigacker. The two brothers were both U.S. Olympic athletes in the 70′s who then started to make oars. Really, the progression from rowing oars to an indoor rowing machine was a natural progression, and Concept 2 was born.

The oars are used by world’s best rowers, and Concept 2 says the same thing about their fitness equipment: The World’s Best Rowing Machine. Actually, they may be right.

If you think about it, who better to make a rowing machine for exercise than the same people who set the pace for rowing on the water?

Let’s move on, and see what it’s made of.

Strong and Smooth

The Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine is extremely strong. It’s not a crappy metal assembled tool, it’s very solid on his feet and you will keep it for ages, literally a lifetime.

The main sliding rail is aluminum, and capped with a stainless-steel track so the seat smoothly glides back and forth. This allows a total leg involvement in your strokes, and provides a full body workout.

Performance Monitor

The Performance Monitor (PM5) is such a great tool, this is the electronic part of this great machine.

This is a tracking tool for al your workouts. Track your speed, pace, distance, calories and watts. There are also 5 display options you can choose from.

It includes some cool features, all easily accessible, the PM5 is very intuitive.

  • You can load some preset workouts or your own.
  • You can race against your previous performance
  • You can see animated rowing techniques

It’s also equipped with a USB interface so you can transfer your datas to your PC or Mac. You can also use a removable LogCart and upload your datas online. You can thus participate in Concept 2 challenges and see your ranking.


There’s something you need to know about fitness equipment. Uncomfortable can be stressful. Yes, exercising is also supposed to take stress away but sometimes, depending on how your equipment is built, or designed, not so much. Well, why would you expect that from a top of the line rowing machine? Here’s just a few ways Concept2 makes your rowing experience comfortable:

There is a spinning flywheel, and usually this can be noisy, which you will agree is not motivating when you want a 30 to 60 minute workout. This one has ben designed to minimize noise and optimize the smooth feel of rowing on the water.

The flexfoot footrests can be adjusted for your sizing (from 4 to 13).

The easy spiral damper will control the feel of each pull. By controlling the airflow to the flywheel you can choose between the feel of rowing a fast boat, or a slow heavy boat.

And also the handle is ergonomically designed so you keep a natural hand and arm position. This doesn’t stress your wrists. If you’ve lifted weights with a straight barbell your know what I mean.

The Concept 2 Model D really makes it painless and quiet so you can fully enjoy your workout. Comfort when training is actually a principle you should always keep in mind. It helps, and even improves performance and workout results.

Storage and space required

The space you will need for using the Model D rowing machine is 9 feet by 4 feet. This is the recommended space to have enough room for head and elbows. The actual machine measurements are 7’11″ by 24″.

It’s (ONLY!) 57 pounds, but can hold a maximum user weight of 500 pounds! I told you it was strong. This thing is a top of the line rowing machine for people who expect the best for a lifetime of use.

When you want  to save space, it will just take you 5 seconds to break apart. Same time to put together. Very fast and easy for transport and storage. And convenient too as you will not need any tool!

When you want  to save space, it will just take you 5 seconds to break apart. Same time to put together. Very fast and easy for transport and storage. And convenient too as you will not need any tool!

The monitor arm is also adjustable it pivots up and down so it’s another good point for storage.


Nothing too difficult here. You just need to keep the top surface clean to ensure the seat can always slide smoothly.

You will have to regularly lubricate the chain too. An oil bottle is provided, and instructions on how to do it are in the manual. Simple, again.

What will you get from it?

As I said earlier, a top notch rowing machine will provide you with a full body workout, great for cardio, building/toning muscle, and burning calories for weight loss. People who row consistently know how beneficial it is. It’s way more fun than running on a treadmill, and certainly trains more muscle groups than any other cardio machine.

Rowing will train your legs, arms, back, chest, abs. It will also improve your flexibility. Many people count on these movements to burn calories and pounds of fat over time. If you want to have an intense and fun workout that will demand energy and burn calories, then the Model D has everything to get this done. This may be the best workout You’ve ever had?

If you want to train for racing oars then you already know how to row and it is certainly great to go with the best rowing machine on the market today.

Okay but Why Concept 2 Model D over something cheaper?

That’s a great question and I’m sure you know that like any other product, all rowing machines are not created equal.

First, anytime you buy home exercise equipment you should see it as a long term investment. But, if you already know you’re going to train 3 months and never touch it again then forget this.

However a Concept 2 rower is durable, it’s a lifetime investment. Lifetime! That’s quite long term.

  • The Concept 2 Model D rowing machine is super strong and smooth at the same time. It’s the closest thing to rowing on the water.
  • It even comes with the great Performance Monitor PM5 that includes nice features for training and tracking your performance.
  • This is the only rowing machine you will ever need and it will provide you all the benefits you need for any of your goal.

Whether you want to train for oars racing, simply staying or getting back in shape, or permanently lose weight — the Concept 2 Model D is definitively a machine that can help you in all your goals.

What are the differences between Concept 2 Model D and Model E?

Concept 2 makes 2 models : D and E. They are both top notch, but have few differences that I’m going to tell you. Actually the following is kind of a transcript of what Will Spalding, from Concept 2 customer support says.

Here’s actually the most important quote :

“None of those refinements change the function of the machine, or the benefits you get from rowing. It’s exactly the same on either model.”

I can already tell you that you should go for the Model D and save your money. Will Spalding from the customer service team explains the following refinements.

  • Model E is taller, seat height is 20 inches over the floor (14 inches for Model D). It’s only good if you have balance and mobility issues, easier to get on and off. Otherwise go for Model D.
  • Model E has a glossy finish, matt finish on D,
  • Same recommended space (9ft x 4ft), same size when not in use (8ft x 2ft).
  • Both can be broken apart for storage and transportation, no tool required. You can see the video too.
  • Model E has a nickel plated chain on, standard steel chain on model D.
  • Performance Monitor PM5 comes with wireless Suunto heart rate monitoring and a chest belt provided. You can still do heart rate monitoring with the PM5 but need to purchase accessories separately. If you have multiple machines, they can be connected together for racing and training purposes.
  • PM5 recharges when you row, the spinning flywheel will recharge the battery pack.
  • Monitor arm is fixed on E and longer (so may be easier to reach) shorter and pivot up and down on D

Concept 2 Model D vs Model E

  • Benefits are exactly the same
  • Warranties are exactly the same (2 years for parts, 5 years for frame)
  • Maintenance is identical (clean surface, lubrication)
  • Both are rock solid and durable, both go to clubs, gyms and training rooms
  • Your machine is a lifetime investment

Again Model D is perfect for most users. These are words straight from Concept2 : “if you’re an individual, Model D is a great choice”. Concept2 also say model D is the best choice for rowing clubs and schools. Model E is for high-use facility.

So go for Concept 2 Model D rowing machineOrder it here.

What’s included?

  • Performance Monitor PM5 with LogCard
  • USB Connection Cable
  • Manual
  • Concept2 Chain Oil
  • Complaints ?

Well I’m pretty fascinated by the reviews. I have NOT seen any real complaint about the Model D rower. In fact, it has a 5 star review, and that’s something you very seldom see on Amazon.

If I had found any real complaints I would tell you, but every one seems to agree this is the top of the line rowing machine. For gyms and clubs this is the favorite. For you it must be too. These are very tough and you’ll be rowing for a long time.

Concept 2 Model D Reviews

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

What others are saying?

This rowing machine received rave reviews from most customers, all positive. Users rated it 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Here are some of their comments:

  • “Intregal part of my 75 pound weight loss”
  • “This machine is the universal rowing standard”
  • “If you’re going to purchase an indoor rower, make an investment for the long-term because this machine (or the Model E) is the only one to consider.”
  • “The best single piece of exercise equipment one can own”

I’ve also seen on other BIG fitness sites this considered as the best high intensity interval training equipment you can get. And to me that gym equipment cna really provide an intense workout, great for a full body workout, conditioning, fat loss…

Where can I read more reviews on the Concept 2 Model D?

Read reviews from Amazon. There are tons of people leaving their feedback on this product. These are real people who actually purchased and used the model D and you can see their feedback about it is great.

Where can I buy the Concept 2 Model D?

I have searched a bit everywhere to find the best deal and it seems Amazon wins. You shouldn’t pay more than what you can buy from Amazon for. Take a look there at how to get your hands (and feet) on this rowing machine and all it offers. They even offer free shipping, which is cool for such a big product. Here’s the link again for the top of the line rowing machine.

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