Interlocking Fitness Mats

Probably the most versatile of all exercise mats are interlocking fitness mats. These fitness and exercise mats serve several purposes and come in a variety of colors from neutral tones to black or bright colors for children to enjoy. They work well to cover hard floors in gyms, home exercise rooms, for mats for exercise equipment and much more. If you know your children are going to be roughhousing a lot, you can even cover the floor temporarily with these exercise mats to reduce the risk of injury.

What Are Interlocking Fitness Mats?

Interlocking floor mats are similar to foam exercise mats only with edges that allow you to lock multiple mats together to cover a large floor space. The cushioned foam and interlocking design make these floor mats good for a variety of uses. They can be used as anti-fatigue mats in areas where you may be standing for long periods of time. They can be used to do floor exercises or stretching. They can be used as exercise equipment mats. They can also be used for children’s playrooms.

Exercise Mats For Home Gym Use

If you plan on using a home gym mat, consider the types of exercises you’ll be using it for. Home gym mats can provide a more comfortable surface for use during stretching, using exercise equipment or other home workout routines.

Finding the right exercise mat for your specific needs is important. Interlocking foam mats can be used for a wide variety of activities, but the one of the drawbacks of them is they are not very portable.

Knowing in advance the types of exercises you’d like to perform on your mat will help you make the right purchase. Also ask yourself if you plan on storing the exercise mats when not in use. While most interlocking gym mats are lightweight, they are somewhat bulky and will take up a surprising amount of space in the closet. Folding exercise mats are better if you want something you can easily store or take with you to an exercise class.

Interlocking Play Mats for Children

If you want your kids to have a little bit of fun, investing in interlocking play mats might be a good idea. They can offer a fun way to promote exercise for kids. Several retailers offer interlocking floor mats for playrooms that have the alphabet and numbers on them. They can learn about letters and numbers while playing; it’s the best of both worlds.

They are also washable and provide a cushioned surface providing a good place for the kids to get out some energy. The letters and numbers also pop out, so your child can put them together to make words or learn about math, if you want to teach them. These interlocking mats are particularly helpful for parents with hardwood floors and younger infants who are not yet walking with confidence.

If you are looking for interlocking exercise mats, carefully consider all of your options. If you want to use the mats for more than one purpose, you may be able to find a product that will help you get the most out of your workout routines while also cushioning accidental falls of your younger family members.


One of the keys to the best and most productive workout is a good fitness or exercise mat. You want the surface you exercise on to be firm enough, but hot hard. A mat that doesn’t have too much rebound but good compression and shock absorption capabilities.

Interlocking fitness mats are known for having a strong grip on the floor underneath it to eliminate any slipping on the floor.

Thickness is usually one of the key factors to any good exercise mat for staying fit. And then the next thing to look for in your choice of interlocking fitness mats is ease of cleaning.

Read the reviews and see what other people have to say about their purchase to make sure you get the most enjoyment from your new fitness mat.

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