Five Benefits of Good Posture

“Sit up straight!” Does that sound familiar?

Most of us heard that or something close, like “Stand up straight!” and “Don’t Slouch!” when we were growing up. And few of us realized the benefits of good posture until we were much older.

My mother harangued the heck out of me about my posture when I was a kid, and I wasn’t real happy about it at the time.  As I grew up, though, I appreciated my good posture.  I could see that I looked better than others my age who walked around slouched over, with their chests pulled in.

In the last few years. though, I’ll admit that my posture slipped some.  And I paid a price for it.  If your posture is lacking, you’re paying a price too.

Benefits of Good Posture

You probably don’t think much about posture, and if you do, you may believe it’s just an aesthetics thing.  Good posture looks better.  It’s a way to project a good impression.

Although this is true, good posture is far more than that.  In fact, it’s access to a lot of great stuff.

1.  Good posture gives you more energy.

When you have good posture, your can breathe deeper.  Breathing deeper oxygenates the cells and gives you more physical energy.

Also, poor posture can restrict blood flow to your heart, lungs, and internal organs.  This restricted flow negatively impacts your energy levels.

2.  Good posture can help you be happier and more positive.

When you’re hunched over, you physically have a more downward focus.  This physical posture limits your view of the world. 

Also, as I just said, poor posture limits your breath.  Your breath is your life force, so when you pinch it off, you’re pinching yourself off from the universal flow of joy that gives you access to happiness and positive thoughts.

3.  Good posture helps you feel more loving.

The physical stance of slouching closes off your heart.  When you physically close off your heart energy, you choke off your ability to love and be loved as well.

4.  Good posture gives you more confidence.

Our physical state is directly related to our mental state.  If you look slumped, you’re going to feel slumped.

The second you improve your posture, your sense of personal power will improve.  Your self esteem will go up, and you’ll feel stronger and more capable of doing the things you want to do.

5.  Good posture helps you get rid of excess weight.

Yep, it’s true.  Not only does good posture tend to make you look thinner, it can actually help you be thinner.

Believe it or not, slouching helps your body store fat.  It does this because when you slouch, you impair your digestion and your glandular function.  This happens because poor posture drops the rib cage onto your stomach.

I have personally experienced all of the benefits of good posture since I’ve improved my own. 

Now that I’ve returned my posture to its former state, I have more energy.  I’m happier, and I feel more loving.  I have more confidence, and I’m dropping pounds.

How To Improve Your Posture.

The first thing you need to do to improve your posture is notice it.  Right now, pay attention to how you’re sitting or standing.

–Are your shoulders hunched foreward?

–Are your shoulder blades jutting out from your upper back?

–Do you feel a slight pull along the top of your shoulder-line at the base of your neck?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to make two simple adjustments.

1.  Roll the tops of your shoulders back.

2.  Use your upper back muscles to pull your shoulder blades down and into the back.

Can you feel the difference in your body?

  • Do you feel how it lifts your ribs and lengthens the spine and the belly?
  • Can you feel your expanded breath?
  • Can you feel your energy opening up and flowing more freely?

You probably feel all that and more!

Nagging mothers aren’t much fun, but often what they nag us about is pretty important.   Mothers are for sure right about posture!

So get those shoulders back.  This one little change can have a powerful impact on your life.

Have you noticed any correlation between how you feel and your posture?  Is your posture as good as it could be?  Share your impressions and experiences!

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