Will Knee Sleeves Help Me Walk With Arthritis?

Considering knee sleeves for your arthritis? Just like you, I kept asking myself and others, “Will knee sleeves help me walk with arthritis?” My answer to the question is “When I finally took the plunge, I couldn’t believe I had waited so long.”

I don’t know about you, but trying to walk very far on my own arthritic knees was almost impossible. Some days it felt like the pain was inside my knee joint, like a broken bone or something? Other days the problem seemed to be in muscles and my back and entire leg would ache.

Knee sleeves for arthritis are good for relieving stiff, aching muscles and reducing swelling. They are great for minimizing chronic pain and inflammation and are comfortable to wear.

Will Knee Sleeves Help Me Walk With Arthritis?

can a knee sleeve help arthritis
Knee Sleeves Help People Walk With Arthritis Without Pain

I knew I needed to exercise, and I knew I wanted to get back to my regular walking routine. However, with my knees feeling like they were walking on broken bones, I was spending most of my days in a chair. The worst possible thing to do with arthritis in my knees.

Here’s Why You Should Not Avoid Walking With Arthritis

  • Prevents Muscle Atrophy It may not seem like a good idea to walk on sore knees caused from arthritis, but without using them muscles atrophy. Muscle size and strength start to dwindle after only a few short weeks of non use. When you stop walking on arthritic knees, leg and back muscles quickly use strength and start to atropy. Now you have more pain than ever.
  • Loss of Synovial Fluid Synovial fluid is a thick liquid within joints that aides in cushioning the two bones that make up the joint. Osteoarthritis is the deterioation of cartilage that cushions the knee joint. It only makes sense that if you have less cartilage, you definitely want more synovial fluid. Regular ovement of the joint produces the fluid which will aid in reducing pain.
  • Weight Gain In case you’ve never thought about it, the more you weigh the more stress you put on your knees. And the more you sit with no physical activity, the more weight you gain? The more weight you gain, the more you want to avoid walking.
  • The Most Recommended Treatment by Physicians Considering the 3 reasons above this, I’m sure you can see why most physicians recommend you walk for pain relief with osteoarthritis in your knees.

I read about knee sleeves, but wasn’t sure I could trust the reviews I was reading? And to tell you the truth, I didn’t see how slipping something elastic and quite simple would actually help?

Because we are all different, I can not guarantee that you will have the same results? However, I can tell you that for less than 20 bucks, you can’t really go wrong! And if you have close to the same results I had, you too will think knee sleeves are some sorta miracle.

That’s what I think every time I pull this simple device over my ankle, up my leg, and surround my knee joint with it. The walks I could not take because of sharp knee pain simply dissappear with my knee sleeves.

Don’t Stop Walking

I almost gave up walking and jogging for exercise along with going to the mall with my wife. Someone talked me into trying a knee sleeve, which I had no faith in at all, and I got my life back. This simple device pulled up over my arthritic knee was not only good, it was almost miracuolus.

Unlike traditional braces, knee sleeves are lightweight and comfortable, and do not restrict range of motion.

A good knee sleeve for arthritis can be a lifesaver if you’ve been suffering from pain and swelling in your knee. The added support I feel from a knee sleeve is real and undenaiable.

I originally ordered one sleeve, but the increased support made the one knee feel so strong when I walked that the other knee now felt too weak? It only took a few steps for me to know I wanted a knee sleeve on both of my knees. If you only have one bad knee, you really only need one sleeve, but your good knee will definitely be jealous.

While you can wear it to help reduce inflammation, you should never use it while sleeping or swimming. The best way to use a knee sleeve for arthritis is to use it during daily activities, but take it off before going to bed.

Tips for Choosing a Knee Sleeve for Walking

Choose a knee sleeve that offers moderate compression for arthritis in your knees.

Weight lifters and other athletes use neoprene sleeves that are very stiff, and incredibly difficult to pull up over your knee.

But, for walking or running, you want something much softer and easier to get on and off. Don’t worry, with the right knee sleeves for arthritis, you’ll have plenty of support for walking, running, or daily activities.

This style will keep your knee protected from injuries while keeping you from scratching or bruising your knee.

Some people like a regular knee sleeve for walking, some with a built-in patella stabilizer to prevent common injuries associated with arthritis. Then their are the people who prefer an open patella sleeve.

Here’s the difference:

An open patella sleeve removes any pressure or sensation of something touching your kneecap while walking. It also aides in keeping your knee cap exactly where it’s supposed to be with movement.

Closed patella knee sleeves cover your knee cap with the same compression factor as everywhere else while adding extra support.

I’ve tried the popular sleeves sold at WalMart, and can assure you that they never delivered the same results as any of the premium sleeves I recommend on this website.


  • A knee sleeve for arthritis can help prevent further damage to the knee by providing support and reducing the swelling caused by arthritis.
  • Physicians usually prescribe knee braces. A sleeve is not designed to be used as a replacement for a brace, but it can definitely provide pain relief.
  • You can wear a knee sleeve when you walk and/or all day
  • Although knee sleeves for arthritis are a good way to relieve knee pain, they do not cure the disease.
  • A compression sleeve can be used for walking, daily wear, workouts, and regular exercise regimes.
  • Knee sleeves are often worn specifically to prevent injuries.

A knee sleeve for arthritis can help prevent further damage to the knee by providing support and reducing the swelling caused by arthritis.

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