Which Resistance Bands To Buy?

New to resistance bands? Wondering which resistance bands to buy before you make a purchase? Keep reading for the information you need.

Resistance bands are helpful for muscular strengthening as well as rehabilitating muscles after an injury. They create tension in your muscles by delivering consistent resistance, which helps you improve both overall strength and muscle mass.

Why Use Resistance Bands

Get a full body workout without any other gym equipment and at very reasonable prices. Resistance bands are so versitale you can use them at home or take them on the road with you. Use them for a large variety of muscle building and toning workouts, but that’s not all?

  • These bands are also great for Pilates, yoga, stretching exercises, and rehabing muscles.
  • They take up hardly no room, so they are very easily stored away in the included bag when not in use.

In the early 1900s, resistance bands were popular for muscular rehabilitation activities. Even though Resistance bands started out as tools for physical therapy treatment, they have grown in popularity for any muscle building workouts. They are used in fitness and strength training and particularly in home gyms, thanks to their inherent flexibility and versatility.

While exercise bikes are fantastic, resistance bands have a lot of power without the high price tag or the need for a lot of storage space. The bands are ideal for anyone who wants to gain muscle, burn calories, do full-body conditioning, or even do basic stretching while keeping their joints safe.

Are Resistance Bands Safe to Use?

While the first resistance bands were made from conventional surgical tubing, today’s market has a lot more possibilities. Many of the best resistance bands for working out are constructed of latex rubber or fabric, with some even include clip-on grips for added versatility. Furthermore, most bands come in sets that are often color-coded to signify different resistance levels, making them ideal for users of all fitness levels, from beginner to intermediate to experienced.

Which Resistance Band to Buy For Beginners

Resistance bands are not only a terrific addition to any home gym, but they’re also great for traveling because they’re lightweight and portable. We’ve picked up some of the best resistance bands on the market for anyone who believes resistance bands would be a great addition to their home fitness equipment. You’ll be stretching and flexing in no time.

Which Resistance Band to Buy For Beginners

If you’re just starting out with resistance bands and you want to develop larger muscles or muscle definition, you might not be sure where to start? In fact, these bands are great for people who aren’t yet strong enough to do bodyweight exercises or can’t get to a gym.

When your muscles aren’t strong enough to maintain your bodyweight during exercise, resistance bands might be a useful approach to strengthen them.

You should be able to finish the action with the resistance band’s strength. As you near the end of the range, if the band is too powerful, you may not be able to complete the action. You will most likely break the band if it is not strong enough.

Buying Multiple Resistance Bands is the Answer

In general, having multiple resistance levels to accommodate the various upper and lower body activities that you want to do is a good idea. The weaker band will be used for weaker muscle groups. Upgrade to a harder resistance band once you’ve outgrown an easy band. You can combine bands for added resistance as the heavier band gets too easy.

Color-coded bands denote various weights or resistance levels. They are frequently labeled with a weight range, such as 5-8# or 12-16#, to assist you in deciding which muscle areas to target. Attachment straps and detachable handles are beneficial.

Which Resistance Bands to Buy?

The first thing to know is that all the tubing and bands simply aren’t created equal.

To sort through it all, and decide which ones to buy you need

  • The information in this post
  • Know your own fitness goals
  • What sort of workouts you do or intend to do

With that in mind, the rest of this post will give you a better idea of what to look for in exercise bands with handles.

Which Resistance Bands To Buy?

There are two main categories of resistance bands: the exercise bands with handles, and those without, sometimes called loop resistance bands and sometimes flat. The biggest difference in the two types is about which exercises each is more suited for.

There’s plenty of pros and cons for both types, loop and tubes with handles, so I won’t go there now. This post covers the 5 qualities you want to insist on when you buy resistance bands with handles.

which resistance bands to buy

Whatafit Resistance Bands Set (17pcs), Exercise Bands with Door Anchor, Handles, Carry Bag, Legs Ankle Straps for Resistance Training-Free Matching Towel and 5 Resistance Loop

  • YOUR PERSONAL HOME GYM – With this set of resistance bands, you can enjoy a full body workout without even stepping out of your home.
  • TRAIN DIFFERENT MUSCLE GROUPS – Use these fitness bands to perform rows, pulls, raises, and fly workout sets to exercise your arms, back, hips, legs, chest, and abdominal region.
  • READY FOR DAILY USE – Fitted with durable latex tubes, reinforced links, and heavy-duty carabiners, these anti-snap exercise bands are designed to withstand intense daily exercise sessions.
  • COMPLETE EXERCISE ACCESSORIES – Included in the package are 5 fitness resistance bands, a carrying bag, a door anchor, 2 cushioned straps, 2 ankle straps, 1 workout guide, and 1 workout poster.

When it comes to buying the best resistance bands, these are the qualities we look for and demand.

1. Quality Vs Price

If you’re looking for a cheap resistance band set, you’re probably on the wrong track already? Seldom will you find quality and cheap in the same package. The ones I’ve listed on this post are best resistance bands on amazon.

The problem with cheap bands and tubes is that they usually either snap and break, or just lose the elasticity that makes them work. Will you have any support when that happens?

When you buy a cheap resistance bands set you will wind up with a cheap workout.

2. Which Company Stands Behind The Product?

Let’s be honest, no matter what you decide about which resistance bands to buy, humans made the product, and humans are subject to fail. But short of a manufacturing defect, quality workout bands should last a lifetime, or very close to it. But what happens if you do have a problem with your purchase?

Cheap exercise bands very seldom have a warranty of any type, very limited, or no one to contact when you need them. When you buy quality, you buy a lifetime warranty, and service after the sale. That means that if your resistance bands, break or start cracking, it’s not on you, but the company you bought from. And more importantly, they are there to help you.

3. Are They Stackable?

If you plan on building muscle mass of any type you need a stackable resistance bands kit with handles. It’s not enough to have one tube with a handle for muscle building. That’s ok, if you’re using your bands for physical therapy, or even toning muscles.

which resistance bands to buy
Which Resistance Bands To Buy? 7

If you want more than that, stackable is a must. And I can tell you, carabiners that either don’t work smoothly, or break are a real pain. For stacking your tubes you must rely on the best carabiners and links from the handle to the tube that are strong and reinforced.

When it comes to which resistance bands to buy, remember that the best resistance bands are made to withstand the most intense exercises you can throw at them over and over for years to come.

4. Do They Come With Instructions or Workout Plans?

If you’ve never worked out or exercised with resistance bands you really need an effective exercise program or guide to go by. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself aimlessly stretching and pulling on them with little or no results. Next-they wind up in the back of a closet instead of you getting in shape.

Buy resistance bands with a user manual
Whatafit Resistance Bands Set comes with a user manual

A great chart to hang on the wall right where you’re working out along with a video to guide you is indispensable for getting the most out of your bands. Exercise injuries are often the result of poor form. The chart is always there for you to perform the exercises with the right form to avoid injuries even if you can’t see the video from where you are training. With a large and comprehensive exercise chart, you will stay motivated, not lose interest, and keep up your workouts.

Insanity provides plenty of workouts for abs, arms, shoulders, and a complete upper body workout. But they didn’t leave out legs, squatting, glutes, and virtually every muscle in your body.

5. Strength Training With The Door Anchor

Door anchors, or attachments, are a must have to get the most out of your exercise bands.

Check out my review of the best resistance band door anchor system to ensure you’re getting the best workout from your bands.

Don’t overlook the importance of this piece of exercise gear. Door attachments allow you to workout from doors, which most people utilize with every workout. Having a stationary point for resistance is almost a must.

Best fitness bands to buy
This workout bands set with handles includes 5 exercise bands, 5 loop bands, 1 door anchor, 2 cushioned handles, carrying case, cooling towel and user manual to allow you to perform variety of resistance training exercises possible at home.

Most people train with resistance bands a good deal from a door. Depending on which stretches you’re doing, there will be times when you work from the top of the door, and from the door knob. With this insanity resistance band set, you never need to worry about making your own door anchor for resistance bands.

Having good door anchors that give you a method to firmly attach your workout bands to a door is a must. Having quality and reliable door anchors is a must for getting the most from your exercise routine.

What to Consider Before Buying Resistance Bands

When considering whether resistance bands are the ideal home training device for you, there aren’t many serious factors to consider. Even the best resistance bands on the market are a relatively low-stakes investment due to their price, compact size, easy storage, and range of activities for different fitness levels. However, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

Personal Fitness Goals

Are you wanting to start a new workout routine or are you a seasoned fitness enthusiast trying to improve your at-home workouts?

Most sets have a number of resistance levels to accommodate a range of exercise goals, from beginner to experienced. There are also a variety of resistance bands on the market that are designed for different types of workouts.

To put it another way, if you are wondering what size resistance band for glutes and lower body strengthing, they may not be the same as resistance bands for pull-ups and muscle building.

Resistance Band Constrution

Fabric or latex resistance bands is the question

Decide whether you like fabric or latex resistance bands. Although latex has long been the most popular material for fitness bands, the best fabric resistance bands are more pleasant, especially on bare skin, and stay in place better. Fabric bands, on the other hand, are frequently created for lower-body workouts, so the material you choose may be determined by the muscles and places you want to target.

Best Resistance Bands for Building Muscle

Your exercise level and goals will determine which weight resistance band you should buy.

From beginner to intermediate to advanced, the greatest resistance band sets come with a variety of weights so you can adapt your exercise needs as you get stronger. It’s critical to pay attention to your body in order to avoid overdoing your workouts and maybe injuring yourself.


Face it: what you really want is the best workout results from your exercise bands. Getting the best workouts is much more productive and enjoyable when you know you are relying on the best workout equipment for the best results.

Using resistance bands instead of weights will feel entirely different, but the truth is, workout bands can produce better results than weights. That’s because there is resistance both ways with bands, instead of only during the actual lifting stroke of weights.

If you’ve been using free weights, kettlebells, or even bodyweight exercises you will be happy with the effectiveness of an exercise band workout.

With Insanity, it won’t take long to have your own home gym and workouts to take you to new bodybuilding heights.

When you are deciding which resistance bands to buy, I can tell you Insanity resistance bands are the most diverse and results oriented workout equipment you will find.

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