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What’s The Best Weight Loss Program For Men In 2017

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Why do you think you can’t keep weight off? Could it be that there’s no such animal as the best weight loss program for men?

Men and women alike are struggling with weight loss, and which program will work the best, or at all?

It’s easy to spend a life time dealing with weight problems, breaking free from bad eating habits and the addiction to dieting.

Are you addicted to the best weight loss program?

Over eating, eating the wrong foods, and weight loss programs are all addictions that are hard to break—at the expense of good health.

We spend time sweating it out in the gym and looking for more schemes, while the weight patiently hangs on.

We live in a sea of advertisements and overwhelmed with the best weight loss programs.

Misleading and deceiving information about what is healthy and how to lose weight leads the way.  It seems impossible to keep weight off while the dieting goes on forever.

But I want you to know— it is possible—you can lose weight.  And you can do it once and for all without a program?

But you must be willing to change your mind about what you’ve been taught to eat.

Breaking The Addiction To Unhealthy Foods

We all know how cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol are addicting. But the gigantic food industry that controls the processed foods we eat keep a gigantic secret.

They don’t want you to know that sugar and refined carbohydrates (mainly white bread and pasta) are addictive.

You say it’s hard to lose weight—I say we’re all addicted!

We’re addicted to the sugar and refined carbohydrates that make us sick and overweight.

Sugar is the nations #1 addiction—advertisements close behind

When I began to get free, myself, it didn’t take long to see that I was addicted to the food advertisements on TV.

Watching TV commercials about food would have me salivating like any heroin addict looking at a syringe.

Trying to relax for a few minutes in front of the tube, would invariably lead to sugar. I would be overwhelmed with the need for that feeling of calm and satisfaction that comes with a blood sugar ‘high’.

We learned to eat like this as children.

Most people living today were brought up on sugar and refined carbohydrates. How can it be a surprise that we wind up now going from one weight loss program to another.

We either give up and join the obesity epidemic, or stay in search of the magic diet, or diet pill.  The one word or program, that will at last solve our weight problems?

Now we’re addicted to the latest diet craze along with sugar addictions

The basic meaning of addiction is going back to the same thing over and over for satisfaction, isn’t it? Isn’t that what you’re doing with dieting?

Even when you’re on a diet, you’re reading about other diet programs.  You’re looking to see what’s new on the grocery shelves. Is there some diet treat, or food, or magic pill you’ve missed?

Dieting is no different than giving up the smoking habit. You try over and over to change something that seems stronger than your own will.

Breaking the addictions to unhealthy foods and dieting is the same as breaking any addiction.

So how do you you finally make the break, lose weight, and stop dieting?

The answer starts in your mind.  It starts in how you think about what you’re eating.

Think is the key word here.

Thinking before you unconsciously stick something in your mouth is as difficult as not doing it.

So how do you stop eating—even when you know it’s killing your health and every chance of getting back to your clothes.  The ones you wish you could still wear?

Getting back to those clothes will take a paradigm shift in your thinking.

You must make a paradigm shift in your thinking about foods, your personal health, and your eating habits.

A paradigm shift means a completely different view of the matter. It doesn’t mean a resolve to trying to lose a few pounds.

It means to continue on eating as you are eating until you’ve had enough!  Until you are ready to give up all your old ideas about what feels good.

The shift came when I decided I felt better in clothes that fit.  My dieting stopped the day I decided I wanted the energy I deserved, and wanted to live healthy.

The first thing to do is to stop dieting!

I stopped living in denial about eating and health. I knew that dieting, gaining, dieting, and gaining were the opposite of good health.

The first addiction to break is not to food, but to dieting and diet programs.

Instead of dieting, start changing your mind and attitude about your diet.  What you eat day after day, meal after meal, is your diet.

Get to the place that you are more concerned about your health than you are about your weight. That’s when the extra pounds start leaving.

This time the excess weight leaves for good, because you are eating like a sane person.  Not like the crazed drug attic willing to do anything for the next “fix”.

Your attitude about your health is vital to your diet

Stop dieting until you have shifted your attitude. You must make a firm and quality decision that you are sick and tired of being overweight.

But, that’s not all! You must make the same decision that you believe your life and being is worth the effort to stay healthy.

Having the right attitude is vital. You have to be sure in your mind that you really want to change your eating habits. It’s no good thinking that you want to lose weight, if you don’t want to change your eating.

You can’t eat the same foods and loose weight!

This is how most people approach diets, even if they are not aware of it.  What they really want is to keep on eating and living exactly as they have, and magically become thin.

Going to the gym, walking, running, the best diet programs; none of it will work until you change what you are eating—permanently.

Get a grip on yourself! You know that’s not possible. The food and eating habits must change, or else you just keep on keeping on.

No matter what you’ve read, without changing your eating, you can’t do enough exercise to loose weight.  So where does that leave you?

It’s time for you to make a decision about your weight.

Don’t even think about changing anything about your eating habits, or weight. Stop dieting for a moment.

Instead, surround yourself with your favorite junk foods, and sit down with pen and paper in hand. Just start writing all the reasons you may want to change your eating habits and health.

Don’t even worry about why you would like to lose weight, yet?

I don’t know your personal reasons to be healthy and live longer—disease free. I don’t know why you would think it better to live addiction free?

But I do know that the first step to losing weight and stopping the addictions to dieting is to decide for yourself why you would like to?

Not which diet program is the best for this year?

I do know that when you focus on what you are eating and how it affects your health and life—getting to your personal best weight is easy.

Change your eating and fitness levels, and the rest comes naturally.

What you got to say about dieting and diet programs?  Maybe leaving a comment will be your first step in the right direction?



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