What Causes Lack of Motivation (How to Get Motivated Again)

image motivation is how we get from where we are to where we are going and what causes lack of motivation

Finding yourself unable to stick to a diet is only a symptom of a larger problem of modern society. The fact is that we’ve lost, or thrown away, our motivation to succeed! But what causes lack of motivation? Reading this post could well motivate you to get motivated to not only change your weight, but maybe even more?

Have you become so accustomed to taking the easiest route to everything in life, that the slightest difficulty intimidates you?

Truth is fast food drive through windows have turned us all into instant gratification babies.

As a society of people, we’ve come to rely so heavily on modern technology and everything happening right this moment that we’ve become — a society of spoiled babies.

We’ve lost the motivation to take the responsibility for our own hard work and patience to produce the results we desire.

What Causes Lack of Motivation?

In fact, we can’t find the motivation to work at much of anything that doesn’t deliver instant gratification, can we? We want it now, and we are willing to pay top dollar on things like lose weight fast programs, supplements, diet pills, and even prescription drugs to lower blood pressure that may well be lowered with regular exercise and a good diet?

And that lack of motivation is a sad loss.

Along with losing our joy to instant gratification, it’s also eating away at self-control in every area of life. That lack of self control shows up first in our addictions of every sort, even though I’m mainly thinking of my food addictions.

And they are addictions!

Sugar is the enemy of most anyone overweight, and our addiction to instant gratification is the source. The fact is that most of us are so addicted to sugar that we have a really difficult time believing it’s true, much less possible.

Here’s the best way to find out if you’re addicted to sugar:

Stop eating it for 1 week. That means stop eating:

  • Anything with flour (black, brown, or white)
  • Soda pops
  • Sugar added to anything, including coffee and tea
  • Corn
  • Processed foods (any foods already prepared, or in a package, bag, or box)
  • White potatoes in any form

Eat only fresh vegetables, beans, fruits, nuts, meat, and fish for one week. Think of it, that’s only 7 days.

If you can motivate yourself to try this little experiment, you will find out if you are addicted to sugar or not? If you are, you are apt to experience some of these symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Muscle aches
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Hunger
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Cravings
  • Chills

Once you see for yourself how both your body and your brain is craving sugar, you can begin to understand how sugar is a form of instant gratification you are addicted to.

But you can stop the instant gratifacation syndrome in your own life, and reclaim the joy of victory. And the easiest way to get started is taking control of your diet, and learning to eat healthy.

Instant Gratification is the Enemy of Motivation

When we’re used to instant gratification in every part of our life, there isn’t a place for motivation to start and finish any task that requires effort on our part. And of course that includes eating right, exercising, and maintaining good health.

Getting in the habit of avoiding the easy way out, and taking pride in your accomplishments builds your self-control and motivation.  You will find that building self control and motivation to see anything you start builds character that can’t help but to be noticed by yourself and others.

Teach yourself little by little to finish everything you start

Take a stand for hanging in there until the job is finished. Hang in there whether you’re working on big goals, small goals, personal development, or your daily exercise program.

You’ll find great pleasure in staying fully involved in what ever your task happens to be, and avoiding the instant gratification syndrome.

Don’t get me wrong!

There’s nothing wrong with automation and shortcuts. Our problem comes when we rely so much on technology as if we are robots in order to avoid actual involvement in what we’re doing.

Relying so heavily on modern shortcuts robs you of the benefits of stepping back and complimenting yourself for a job well done.

But even more staggering is how our society has stop growing mentally and emotionally. We’ve stopped growing because we have become addicted to taking the easiest way out for all of life’s task.

Someone (and it just as well be you) needs to commit to avoiding the easy way.

If you could be the one avoinding the easy way out today, you would find your motivation and joy stirred to new heights. And your level of excellence in every task you undertake would soar in no time.

Don’t shy away from difficult task, but roll up your sleeves and dive into it.

You’ll quickly find your focus and attention on task at hand will take you away from everyday worries as your skills grow. And by actually getting involved in your life, thinking through your problems, and setting goals to overcome them, you will find you have many skills.

Your confidence will grow as you feel your personal power overtake the project at hand.

Merely making a conscious decision to undertake any problem, such as weight loss and improving your health, and see it through to the end will bring you untold satisfaction.

Meeting it head on as a challenge, you’ll see your own inner strength will show up to “take the day”.

Don’t chose the easiest task to start with today. The fact is that we’ve come to rely on the false promises of adverisements from every sort of lose weight fast pill, supplement, and diet plan.

Good Health vs Dieting

When the truth of the matter lies in devoting your life to the best health possible. When you devote your life to maintaing your health — things like a steady diet of junk food, processed foods, and sugrary snacks will naturally fade into the background.

Real foods will take the place of faux foods, along with a consious effort to stay in a regular exercise program whether it be walking around the block every day, or training for marathons.

As you see the results and the rewards of the results from a healthier you, your focus, attention, and determination to all parts of your life increases.

You’ll come face to face with a new you: a proud you.

You will revel in satisfaction that you undertook— and overtook the challenge.

You’re like the rest of us, though. You’ve grown accustomed to the easy way, so even the smallest challenge today may seem large and overwhelming?

Just use your will power, and go for it. The results will stagger you, and push you on to more and more strength.

You’re an overcomer now!

In no time at all you will come to rely on your own wits and fortitude to get any job done that faces you. You will look back and wonder why you ever thought the easy way was the best way.

The intimidation from  uncertainty is gone, and your life is changed.

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