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The Best Foods To Eat And Lose Weight With

You know you’ve been eating all the wrong foods! And it’s time now to start eating healthy to get those pounds off.Circle with blue background with broccoli on a plate with fork and spoon This article will make clear The Best Foods to Eat and Lose Weight With while you’re eating.

For permanent weight loss you want to eat a minimum of 3 meals a day, and the more the merrier! Of course you don’t want to see how much food you can eat at meals.  Eat only healthy foods in very small servings 4, 5, or 6 times a day for the best diet results.

Natural foods are the best foods for losing weight

We have a hard time with our weight because it’s so easy to grab something sweet and unhealthy off the shelf. But if you are ready to stop dieting, you can learn how to eat healthy.  You can do both with the tips listed below:

Drink water because your body deserves it.

  • Try to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day.
  • Not drinking enough water cause poor digestion, among other health issues.  Without hydrating your body, your cells dry up just the same as a house plant without enough water.

Vegetables and fruits are the best foods to lose weight with.

  • Vegetables and fruits are naturally low in fat and are full of fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  • Eating more fruits and vegetables makes it easier to cut back on meats, fats, desserts and high-fat snack foods.
  • These are the foods your body was designed to eat. Make vegetables and fruits the mainstay of your diet and stop worrying about losing weight for life.

Lots of fiber makes you healthy.

  • Fruits and vegetables provide fiber to keep your body healthy. Add dried peas and beans to your soups and stews for fiber to help you lose weight.

Eat several times a day, and learn to eat very slowly.

  • Learning to eat slowly is almost like a skill, but this is a main component of losing weight.  When you concentrate on eating your foods slowly, you actually feel your stomach getting full.
  • Don’t eat snack foods as you learn to eat more often! Eat only quality foods and chew and eat slowly for the most powerful diet results.

Eat less fat, but you shouldn’t cut fat out of your diet.

  • Eat meat, fish, and nuts, but cut out all diary with the exception of eggs.
  • Learn to cook in coconut oil, and stop deep frying foods.
  • Stop eating potato chips

Stop Eating Sugar

  • You can not lose weight and eat sugar! You can not maintain good health and eat sugar!
  • You can switch to artificial sweeteners, but you are only fooling yourself, not your body. The best option is to learn to give it up.
  • When you stop eating sugar it’s important to check all processed foods for hidden sugars.  Virtually all processed foods will have sugar by some description.
  • Stop buying processed sandwich meats.  They are full of sugar.

Stop Eating Processed Foods

  • The absolute best way to lose weight, keep it off, and stop dieting is to stop eating any processed foods.
  • If you do stop all processed foods you are much stronger than myself, but you can severely limit them.
  • Center as many meals as possible around vegetables, meats, and fish and learn to use as many fresh vegetables as possible. They will taste better, and have the nutrients you need for the best health.

Stop eating flour and think about the foods that contain flour.

  • Flour turns directly into sugar when you eat it, and puts on pounds and increases your chances for diabetes and heart disease.
  • Stop eating breads, pastries, noodles, cakes, pies, and anything else that contains flour.
  • Don’t be tricked by the packaged breads that say whole wheat! If it’s packaged it will have white flour and sugar.

You must eat to have enough energy to lose weight.

  • Eat your meals, but eat very small portions.
  • You could also include small, low-calorie snacks such as raw vegetables, a piece of fruit, soda crackers, popcorn made without added fat.


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