Meditation Techniques for Weight Loss

Man sitting with tea practicing meditation techniques for weight loss

Using the best meditation techniques for weight loss has long been a secret weapon for successful dieting. Face it, keeping weight off is more difficult than losing it. That’s why changing deep-rooted thoughts and feelings about your eating habits with meditation is so powerful for your dieting efforts.

This is a a simple meditation technique that worked for me and will work for you. In fact it’s so simple that it’s easy to dismiss it as useless. But the truth is that this meditation for weight loss quickly rewires your brain for more self control because it doesn’t put you at odds with yourself.

I learned this meditation technique several years ago and successfully applied it to the weight loss problems I was having.  I was amazed, and still am, at the results that followed when it came to dismissing food cravings.

Try this meditation for a few weeks and see the results for yourself.

Meditation Techniques For Weight Loss

1. Getting in the mood

I close my eyes and hold my hands in front of me, palms up in a cup fashion as if I am waiting for you to put something in them. If I am sitting I rest my elbows in my lap.

2.  Getting my mind on feeling good

With my eyes closed I begin to think of all the reasons I love to be at my proper weight while focusing on my dominate hand.  Keeping my right hand on my mind as I am thinking of every reason imaginable that I like to be at my proper weight.

Things like:

  • my clothes fit
  • I feel better physically
  • I look better
  • I like the way my clothes look
  • I am more active

3.  Feeling good about myself at my perfect weight

Next I go through each of the reasons above, taking a moment or two to experience the good feelings of each. For instance: I imagine myself feeling how I feel when I look better.  I see myself in the mirror.  I feel the pride of knowing I am satisfied with how I look at my best weight.

Just close your eyes and remember or imagine how good you feel when you are at your perfect weight. Try to see yourself standing in right in front of you, and then feel how good your new self feels. Feel the energy and vigor you have now.   In other words, I turn every one of those thoughts into feelings.

4.  What ideas stop me from eating healthy

When I have gone through every positive reason to be at my proper weight and felt how I would feel if I looked better, felt better, was more active with my clothes fitting,  I shift my focus to my non dominate hand.

Now I begin to think of “what is the conflict” with my eating “right ” and healthy. What conflicts with this way of eating? What conflicts with my feeling so good?

As I think of eating too much at meals and think of eating sweets and carbohydrates, I try to think of every reason that I eat these, and why it feels good, while focusing on my non dominate hand.

5.  How comfort foods make me feel so good

Now I think of and imagine just how it feels when I am eating cookies, and second helpings at meals. When I am free to eat whatever gets in the way.

I want to feel the feelings I feel when I am eating unhealthy, and those are usually good feelings.  I don’t deny those good feelings; I experience them in my mouth and mind.

6.  Honoring myself as I am

Now I have felt all the feelings of proper eating and proper weight, and all the feelings of eating foods I crave and taste fantastic.   I deny neither part of myself.  These are all part of me — my feelings, and my desires. I honor what I have in each hand.

Now I tell myself that I honor all of my thoughts and feelings, and put my non dominate hand on top of my dominate hand and bring them both to my chest, placing all of my feelings back into my heart, mind, and being.

If I have made the method clear to you, you can try it for your weight or any other behaviors, or thought processes you would like to change about yourself.

I think the reason this simple weight loss meditation works so well is because it gives you an opportunity to think deeply about your eating habits and how they affect you.

This meditation for Weight Loss will make a profound difference in your eating habits and any other personal conflicts in your life.

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