Is Fiber Good For Diabetics?

Adding high levels of fiber to the diabetic diet is a good practice for people diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. Fiber helps regulate how fast the body absorbs food. With diabetes, that makes regulating blood glucose levels, and weight maintenance a bit easier.

The body absorbs highly refined foods that have little or no fiber very quickly. As carbohydrates hit the bloodstream too rapidly, it can spike blood glucose readings. In patients with diabetes type 2, this will mean trouble is on its way.

For people trying to regulate their blood sugar through a correct eating plan, fiber is one of your best weapons.

What are the best high fiber foods to add to your diet if you have type 2 diabetes?

Let’s first have a look at food items that are grains.

The more a grain has been processed or refined, the less fiber it will contain.

If you add whole grain foods to your diabetic diet, it will boost your fiber intake diet regimen very quickly.

Don’t forget that an average slice of bread can have 18-25 grams of carbs in it. So your lunchtime sandwich should carry the bulk of the carbs for that meal. 

This also means selecting brown rice instead of refined white rice.

Brown rice should be a staple item when it comes to diabetes management. White rice causes immediate blood sugar spikes, where the fiber of brown rice has virtually no effect on blood sugar levels.

Whole grain pastas rock

If you are diabetic, but just can’t skip the pasta aisle, look for the boxes with whole grain pasta, or spinach pasta, instead of white.

It took a few meals of spinach pasta to get used to it, but now I prefer it over regular pasta. Give it a try, you just might love it.

Refined cereals frequently contain more sugar than fiber.

Select the cereals with at least 3-4 grams of fiber and less than that in sugar. I like the Post shredded wheat with bran cereal and some ground flax seed sprinkled on it.

A cup has about 49 grams of carbs, so adding milk gives it quite a dose of carbs. If I add fruit to it, the carb count would jump even higher.

Some thought and healthy choices need to be made to keep the carb quantity under control, even if they are healthy carbs.

Other high fiber foods to add to your diet include raw or lightly cooked vegetables and fruits.

Most vegetables are easy selections for the diet of someone with dietary restrictions.

Leafy greens as well as squash are ideal to begin with. Both of these add fiber and a good deal of nutrients.

Be aware that the choices type 2 Diabetes patients need to consume with caution are the starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn, and peas.

The same also goes with most fruits. All of these contain sugars that can get blood glucose levels out of sync.

Apples are good choices for sufferers with type 2 Diabetes  because pectin helps regulate insulin naturally and the pectin fiber is a good selection for augmenting fiber ingestion.

Legumes fall into the good fiber category with a caution.

Beans are quitenutritious, adding a lot of protein and fiber to the diet of anyone with type 2 diabetes. However, if used in large quantities, beans and peas can contribute to spikes in blood glucose levels.

It is a well known fact that it is imperative with these foods for people with Diabetes type 2 to control how much they eat and when they eat it.

This is true of most food items when dealing with type 2 Diabetes. Everything in moderation keeps glucose levels in check.

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