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How To Stay On A Diet When You Would Rather Eat Ice Cream

How To Stay On A Diet


Having Trouble Sticking to Your Diet?

Staying on a diet when I’d rather be eating ice cream is tough! There are diet plans every where, but will someone please tell me how to stay on a diet?

I start dieting with the best of intentions. I’m sure I can stick to it this time? I’ve read all the right ebooks, stocked up on diet foods, cleared out the kitchen: tomorrow’s the day!


Staying On A Diet Is Tiresome

If you’re like me, starting is the easiest part. It’s the staying that get’s tiresome, boring, and even ravenous sometimes. Staying on gets harder and harder as I watch other people eating the sugary deserts and junk food I’m addicted to.

Are you tired of wasting years dieting and gaining, and starting over again. Need 3 closets to house 3 different size wardrobes?

It’s great to have one size of clothes these days, stay at a healthy weight, and eat deserts and junk food occasionally. I know you can too with the tips and techniques in the rest of this post.

4 Tips To Stop Giving Up

To tell you the truth, if eating healthy and staying at the weight our body was designed for was easy — We would all look great and feel great. Fact is, it’s just not that easy for many of us. However, I know the rest of this post will make it easier for you to stay on your diet.

1. Choose a good diet plan from the start

how to stay on a diet with a plan
Staying On A Diet Requires A Plan

How many times have you attempted to lose a few pounds by trying to stop eating?

That plan is insane, and doesn’t work.

You body deserves good food.

The best diet plan should have a good portion of protein, carbohydrates, calories, fiber and even fat.

The plan you choose must provide quality nutrition to maintain energy. Believe it or not, it will take energy to burn off calories that burns off the weight. Without the energy to stay active and exercise, loosing weight is just about impossible.

Caressing your body into letting go of the pounds.

Without enough quality foods and nutrients in your diet, your body will not let go of the pounds.  Instead it will hoard fat because it thinks you are starving.

The best results will come with a sensible plan that provides the right foods to eat from the start. With the right diet plan to start with, you will see your health and energy levels improving. As the weight leaves.

2. Don’t depend on diet supplements

A lot of people turn to “diet” supplements that offer outrageous claims of weight loss.  Besides not working, why would you want to lose weight and lose your health at the same time.

Few diet supplements, if any, have reliable research to indicate that they work or are safe to use. If you hang your hopes on supplements, you are fighting a losing battle.

By choosing a well researched, proven and reliable diet plan you will build new eating habits that last a life time.

Here’s a proven plan and system that works.

3. Exercise

I know already — we all want to see the pounds go magically without doing anything different, especially when it comes to exercise.

The fact is that if you have years to wait, you can lose weight with diet only. But why not do it right, with exercise and diet that improves your health. Why be slim if you don’t have the health and energy to enjoy it?

Regular exercise is the foundation of health and healthy weight. 

exercise to stay on a diet

When you diet without exercise, you do it at the expense of your muscles.  You want to lose fat and maintain muscle tone because the muscles will help you burn the fat faster.

Read this article about Cardio Exercise To Help You Stay The Course and Lose the Pounds.

Exercise gives you motivation for dieting.

You can go to the gym, walk, bicycle, run, rake leaves, push a mower, or any physical exertion that last at least 30 minutes.

Learning how to exercise for 30 minutes to an hour every other day will be the best motivation for staying on a diet.

4. Setting goals is the key to results

The real key to the weight loss you’re after is simply staying the course. That’s why making a plan and setting goals is so important.

Without knowing, seeing, and remembering your weight loss goals you won’t know when you arrive?

Of course changing eating habits and exercising regularly is what uses calories and burns fat, but for most of us it takes more. It takes determination, and the willingness to keep on when we would rather eat ice cream.

Setting goals, writing them down and recording the results brings more results than merely going on a diet. 

When it comes to setting goals and keeping records of your journey, you can make it really simple or as complicated as you desire.

If you have a desk, you can purchase the least expensive desk calendar, and write how many pounds you expect to lose for the week on the Sunday space. Then each day you can simply keep a record of what you ate that day. Then on Saturday, you can write in how much weight you lost.

But you can keep a journal in an inexpensive notebook, or an expensive journal.

The key is that making goals and journaling the results will help immensely in keeping you motivated.

Don’t give up because your body is slow to react

Everyone’s body reacts differently to starting a diet. How your body reacts is going to be different than how mine reacts to sudden change in eating and exercise habits.

For some, the pounds immediately starts falling off, making the job easy, and others jealous?  Other people’s bodies (like mine) will rebel and hold on to fat for dear life.

Weight loss is actually simpler than you would expect. It is all about having the right nutrition and workout plan.

Of course, changes in your routine is inevitable. If your diet and lifestyle stays the same, your weight stays the same.

If you want to keep on getting what you are getting, keep on doing what you are doing.

Stick to your diet and weight goals

Just remember that losing weight, looking your best, and enjoying good health because of it are worthy goals. Those are goals worth staying on your diet to accomplish.

It’s easy to forget how we were really designed to eat, and our body pays for it with fat. Way too much fat that is unhealthy, unattractive, and robs us of energy to enjoy life.

Live the life you deserve, learn how to stay on a diet that promotes great health and fast weight loss.

How do you stay on your own diet long enough to lose weight and produce the results?

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