Want To Know How To Get Fit? 5 Habits That Can’t Miss

In case you haven’t noticed, some people find how to get fit as easy as regular exercise and something that seems to come naturally. While the rest of us are searching for motivation to do much of anything physical?

It’s easy to get fired up about fitness, join a gym, buy a piece of the best exercise equipment, workout like a mad person for a couple of weeks— and get over the idea.

The question is how to get serious enough to make getting and staying fit a lifestyle instead of a hit and miss brainstorm?

How to once and for all move away from the sedentary habits and unhealthy eating that actually keeps us from getting the most from life?

5 Core Habits That Make Getting Fit Permanent

How to get fit is really as simple as writing these 5 tips on something and placing them where you can’t miss seeing them every day.

They are simple enough to instill into your life one by one until they are part of your lifestyle and they are the path to staying fit for the long haul.

1. Physical Activity Is A Must

Some people absolutely refuse any idea of anything that feels like regimented exercise, and if that’s you, it’s ok. However, and you can’t get around this — we, like all other animals on the planet, are made to move.

Without movement, you can’t digest food properly, you can’t expel food properly, you can’t maintain muscle tone, you lose the ability to produce energy, you get fat, and you dramatically increase your risk for disease and early death.

Even if you refuse the idea of “exercise” your fitness and good health requires you to do something physical most days of the week. For results, it needs to be something that raises your heart rate, which you can monitor here, and you do for a minimum of 30 minutes.

2. Make Fitness Fun

If getting fit, exercising or any part of it is something that feels like a drag or you are forced to do it, then it won’t last long. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means more energy to do the things you want to do, and making the journey the payoff means it’s got to be enjoyable. And here’s an interesting tidbit about exercising:

Research indicates that people who stick to an exercise routine do it in the morning. By starting your day off with exercise, you start out with more energy, the satisfaction of something completed, and much more willpower to stay on a healthy eating plan.

3. Goal Setting

If you are a person who sets goals, writes them down, goes over them regularly, and is constantly measuring your progress – either you are already fit and healthy, or you’ve just neglected yourself?

If you’re not, I can tell you setting fitness goals will make life much easier and more complete. Goals without being written are merely ideas, and written goals keep you on the road to your destination. Without them life is more or less unpredictable.

Don’t take your health, energy, focus, physical activity or exercise, and diet for granted. Take a little time to decide what you really want, think out what it will take to get you there, decide on a time frame, write it down, call it goals and look it over every day.

4. Have Realistic Expectations

This is usually the hardest of all the tips, and the one that causes the most failures. We want what we want, and we want it right now. We find it difficult, to say the least, to realize that it’s taken months or years in most cases to reach the level of unfitness we find ourselves in today.

Now we want immediate results as if we were sprinkled with fairy dust. Forget it! This is really where thoughtful goal setting shines when it comes to getting fit and staying that way. If losing weight is part of your fitness plan, 1-2 pounds a week is realistic and healthy.

If you are a couch potato, 30 minutes of walking at a normal pace 3 times a week is a good place to start. Forget running a marathon next month. Do your research, and set realistic goals that start from where you are now, not where you want to be next year.

5. Learn New Eating Habits

To keep from making fitness a one hit wonder in your life, don’t try to make yourself accept a notion that you’ll never eat junk food, or overeat, again. It’s easy to get an inspiration, from God knows where, that you’ll never eat unhealthy again, get all radical for a couple of weeks, and then make up for lost time.

Instead of trying to adhere to rules that completely restrict unhealthy foods, it’s better to start adding healthy foods to your diet. You’ll find that adding fresh vegetables, fruits, and nuts that are replacing some of the processed foods a little at the time will stop the cravings for less healthy food.

By simply adding more and more healthy eating to your diet, you will find that when you overeat or eat junk food, you can do it without the guilt. The less guilt and the more you eat with fitness on your mind, the more control you will have over your eating habits.

Don’t Crowd The Issue

I think many of us know how it is to suddenly and out of the blue have an inspiration to get fit and momentarily decide we will indeed do it! That’s when we skip a meal, get to the gym as fast as we can with this pressing idea, and tell all our friends of our new found motivation and goals.

We go all out for a short time, before the old ways slowly start creeping in, until we are right back where we started. Most of the time, we are deeper into the opposite of where we had in mind than before, even?

The way to avoid that scenario is go back and read the goal setting tip. Goals are your friend, and will keep you on track without crowding the issue until you burn out. You didn’t get to your present state overnight, and you won’t find a miraculous way to being fit overnight.


The key is to sit down by yourself, and evaluating where you are now in the most honest fashion. I’m a real believer in writing because it will help you see the truth. So, get a piece of paper and write a list of your habits now, and beside them write what you would like them to be.

Think about your present mindset and what pieces of the puzzle are missing from the state of fitness you want to achieve. Taking a real look at where you are now and how you got here will help you map out the journey to where you want to be tomorrow.