Best Exercise Bike With Arm Movement

If you’re looking for an exercise bike with moving arms, dual action exercise bike, or the best exercise bike with arm workout you are at the right place. There’s a multitude of stationary bikes today, but if you want a total body workout while getting your cardio training for better health, moveable arms is the way to go.

The problem with most fitness routines is that they are too difficult to keep up with when life gets busy in other areas. Upright exercise bikes right in your own home help you eliminate most of the excuses.

While there’s plenty of choices for home fitness equipment, an exercise bike with arm movement is one of the best choices you can make. You may be busy, but you can use your own exercise bike with moving arms any time of the day or night for a full body workout. You may be tired, but you no longer have to drive to a gym to exercise both your upper and lower body.

Working out on a stationary bike is a great cardio workout and will help take off unwanted pounds as it improves your health.  Check out the rest of this post for the AD6 features that make this exercise machine an excellent choice. Keep a strong heart, flexible joints, toned muscles of upper body and lower body with these workout features.

Here’s a rundown of what we’ll provide in this exercise bike with moving arms review:

  • First we’ll share the features and benefits that you’ll find useful
  • Next, we’ll take a look at the drawbacks you might need to know about
  • Then, we’ll tell you a bit about the Coleman company
  • And finally we’ll provide a sampling of actual customer and Independent reviews to give you better insight into the product.

Sound good? Let’s get started and see why this is an excellent choice with all the workout features you need.

Features and Benefits of Schwinn AD6 Exercise Bike

  • LCD Digital Monitor Readout includes RevMeter, Workout Time, Distance, Calories, RPM, Watts, Pulse sensor for your heart rate
  • Heart Rate Meter to get the most from your cardio workout
  • Infinite Resistance Levels to meet any fitness goal
  • Dual Stage Belt Drive
  • Cushioned seat is oversized, adjustable, and well padded for a comfortable workout without physical injury
  • Adjustable seat makes it easy for any adult to get their arms and knees at their perfect height for a complete workout without back pain
  • Built In Water Bottle Holder
  • The arm exerciser provide an Excellent total Body Workout with low impact exercise for your best fitness level
  • Use the Moving Arms Without Pedaling for an Upper Body Workout as you build muscle mass
  • Never Needs to be Plugged in LCD is Battery Operated
  • Resistance Level is Infinite Providing Plenty of Workout Intensity for any fitness level
  • Built In Transport Wheels Makes Moving the Bike Super Easy
  • Belt Drive Makes This Exercise machine Extremely Quiet

Special Features (Pros) of Schwinn AD6 Exercise Bike

Moveable Handles/Arm Exercisers

Why have multiple pieces of home gym equipment to workout your upper and lower body? This Schwinn dual action exercise bike provides a total body workout for cardio training, building strength, blasting calories, and increasing endurance. The Airdyne AD6 wind resistance lets you control the exact exercise intensity.

LCD Display

Exercising with exact workout metrics right in front of you makes it easy to adjust the intensity. The metrics displayed allows you to know just where your workout stands compared to yesterday. The RPM gauge makes it easy to keep both the arm exerciser and legs at a steady pace. But time, distance, calories used and pulse, or heart rate,  is just a glance away.

Belt Drive

State of the art belt drive on the Schwinn exercise bike with arm movement makes it super quiet. If you would like a very smooth, quiet, and maintenance free exercise bike, the belt drive AD6 Schwinn is it! A belt drive bike is great for home exercise because it’s family and roomate friendly.

Drawbacks (Cons) for Schwinn AD6 Exercise Bike

Sparse Seat Adjustment. The seat has plenty of adjustment up and down, but the seat itself has no tilting adjustment.

No Training Programs. The LCD does not have any pre-programmed training programs to go by.

LCD Lighting. Don’t plan on riding and seeing the LCD readout in the dark, or a poorly lit room. The lighting is fine any normally lit room, but no so much in poorly lit rooms.

Video: Schwinn AD6 Exercise Bike With Moving Arms

About the Schwinn Company

Schwinn upright bikes and Schwinn exercise equipment is almost synonymous with staying fit. They’ve proven themselves a trustworthy and reputable company and name for over 100 years.

Their Schwinn fitness line includes several models of stationary upright exercise bikes, recumbent bikes, treadmills, and elliptical trainers. Whether you’re looking for weight loss, muscle strength or just overall better health Schwinn can help you reach and maintain your goals.

You can always depend on the smoothest, most comfortable, and best workout with Schwinn equipment from an age company that still leads the way in exercise equipment.

What Amazon Customers Have to Say About the Schwinn AD6 Exercise

One verified purchaser calls this dual action exercise bike with moving arms a must have for anyone looking to get fit at home and keeping up with his pulse, or heart rate. This reviewer notes that set up was easy enough and within the hour he was exercising. Also noting that he could easily lift on the adjustable seat until the transport wheels contacted the floor to move the upright bike to a different part of the room.

Another purchaser says reports that he’s owned several Airdyne models over the years and all have been effective for any upper body fitness level. His main complaint with past models was the noise level of the chain drive upright bikes. He is really proud of the quietness of the the AD6 exercise bike with moveable arms.

Another reviewer calls the AD6 Schwinn Exercise Bike the best piece of home gym equipment she owns. She mentions that except for figuring out how to install the moving handlebars arms, it was a breeze to put together. Mentioning that it does everything you could want for a full body workout and toning, it’s easy to use and very quiet.

Bottom Line

Anytime you want to burn calories and fat, get a great home workout, and improve your health and fitness level, an exercise bike with moving arms provides a great cardio workout. Establishing an exercise routine that’s consistent is imperative for the best results, and investing in an exercise bike for home is your best bet.

Schwinn itself is one of the oldest and most respected exercise bike manufacturers in the game, and the AD6 proves why. If it’s your desire to own a stationary fitness bike that last for many year into the future The Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike With Arm Movement is the best choice.

Everyone’s budget is different, but for a long term purchase, the AD6 Schwinn upright stationary bike with moving arms is by far the most cost effective way to start exercising indoors. This upright bike provides low impact exercise that’s great for maintaining and improving your fitness level. Plan on top notch total body workouts with a variety of useable features from this exercise bike with arm movement.


There’s no doubt that exercise is a key part of maintaining your best health, weight, and fitness level. And it’s just as sure that cycling on your own high quality home upright stationary exercise bike is one of the best ways to ensure you get plenty of physical activity.

The beauty of owning your own home equipment is the convenience of getting a workout anytime in the privacy of your home. There’s almost nowhere you can’t put your bike indoors, and the AD6 is convenient to lift one end and roll around your home as you need it.

Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike With Moving Arms
Moving Arms make this exercise the perfect home exercise equipment

That makes it to work in watching TV, keeping an eye on your kids, or chit chatting while getting a full and total body workout. This bike is quiet and vibration free, easy to get on and off of, and stable. The moving arms make it one of the best pieces of equipment I own for staying fit and getting plenty of cardio workouts.

Dual action bikes provide a fast way to get fit and burn calories due to so many major muscle groups being activated at the same time. Just a few minutes a day will build strength and increase your stamina in no time.

Mix up your workout time with the infinite resistance levels or use only your upper body with the moving arms for awhile. Then swap up, and use only the pedals for working your lower body.

There’s plenty of choices when it comes to choosing an exercise bike for home these days. Some are very inexpensive, and some are very expensive. If you’re looking for the best exercise bike with arm movement, the Schwinn Airdyne makes the best decision you can make.

My own Airdyne is still providing me great daily workouts with no maintenance problems for over 20 years. Now that’s an investment you can count on!

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