Should A Foam Roller Hurt My Muscles?

icon man with hurting muscles from a foam roller

Foam rollers are actually low-impact exercise tools. However, they don’t impact your muscles and joints the same as lifting a dumbbell over and over? But they can definitely cause your muscles to hurt, especially if over used. Should A Foam Roller … Read more

Best Foam Roller Guide

Best Foam Roller Guide

There’s nothing like foam rollers for tired and aching muscles. Use this best foam roller guide online to discover the amazing benefits of foam rolling. You may have seen these devices online or in your local gym. Heck, you probably … Read more

What Does a Foam Roller Help With?

a purple foam roller for pain relief

Foam rolling is nothing new, but what does a foam roller help with? The answer is simple, and straight forward: Foam rollers help relief muscle pain and soreness. You see them anyplace sports equipment is sold along with gyms, physical … Read more