How To Ease Your Back Pain

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Back pain is among the most annoying and inconvenient things that you have to deal with in life. While people often peddle miracle cures for back pain, other than learning to foam roll, none of them really work all that well. … Read more

Does Acupressure for Back Pain Work?

Does Acupressure for Back Pain Work

Have you tried simple acupressure for your back pain? Acupressure is such a simple technique compared to what many people go through for pain relief that it’s easily dismissed as “hooey”. But, I can tell you, acupressure for back pain … Read more

Can You Foam Roll Too Often?

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I’m not sure what you would call too often? Can you make your body feel better too often? Not me! When I discovered foam rolling, I discovered my own magical masseuse on call 24/7. With that said, the question “can … Read more

What Are Foam Rollers For?


Even though they aren’t new, you aren’t by yourself if you’re wondering what foam rollers are for? To tell the truth, given the tremendous benefits of foam rolling, it’s surprising foam rollers aren’t common house hold items? Some, like the … Read more