Check Out These Best Phone Armbands for Running

Are you still holding your phone with cords dangling while you are running or walking for exercise? Please, the best phone armbands for running are inexpensive and made for getting back to the joys of running.

I don’t know about you, but one of the reasons I love running so much is to disconnect from thinking and concentrating. And, it’s hard to do that with a phone always on your mind, isn’t it?

If you’re ready to step into the best way to run with a phone, check out my top 5 recommendations below. I know they can’t all be the best, but each of these armbands are high quality, made for comfort, and long term useability.

Top 5 Phone Armbands for Running

You can see for yourself how inexpensive it is to keep your iPhone safe and secure along with having an extra pocket or two. The numbers have no reference to an order of which I like the best. Each of these are quality armbands with a solid reputation for being comfortable and backed up by the manufacturer.

1. Yochos Universal Phone Armband

YOCHOS Plus Armband Running Armband
Yochos Universal Armband With Storage

The Yochos is designed with you in mind whether you are a weekend runner or a fitness junkie that can’t stay home. A way to carry your phone, key, card, cash, and more anywhere you go. Keep your hands free for a more effective workout with full phone protection and easy access to the touch screen along with face recognition. Check out this popular armband with a lifetime warranty and 100% money-back guarantee.

2. TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband

Whether you are running, walking, or other forms of exercise, it’s extremely inconvenient to hold your phone and sometimes dangerous. Using a sports armband designed to hold an iPhone during these activities is the best solution. Fix the armband in position with earbuds in place and pockets for keys and cards and easily access the touch screen while you run.

TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case for for Running, Walking, Hiking
Choose From 10 Colors When You Purchase Tribe ArmBand

Tribe Armbands are the latest technology for wearing your latest phone while you’re exercising in the gym or running a marathon. Enjoy a quality adjustable elastic strap that will fit arms all the way up to 16 inches. Take your key with you in the built in key holder while keeping your cord under control and perfectly organized and out of the way. Stay safe when you run the streets with Tribes reflective borders and a 100% lifetime satisfaction money back or replacement warranty.

3. Bivilictek Cell Phone Armband

We can’t do without an iPhone these days. Not only does it give us access to a phone wherever we are, it’s a camera, a messaging device, GPS, keeps up with displays things like a heart rate and distance ran, and on and on. However, as powerful as this amazing device is, we need the best accessories to get the most use from them.

Bivilictek Cell Phone Armband for Phone Running Armband
A Slew of Runners Enjoy This Armband with no straps, buckles, or velcro to hook up. Just slip it over your arm and go

This is the most comfortable armband on the market, designed to hold your phone so you don’t even notice you have it with you. The lightweight material creates a snug, No Bounce extra secure fit!! Allowing you to exercise with no distractions and no discomfort. It’s reflective for safety, got pockets for take along, and machine washable. This running armband comes in 3 sizes all with a quality guarantee.

4. Sinkry Phone Armband

The armband choices seem to be endless, so it’s really not difficult to find just the one that matches your own budget and needs. Whether you want to secure your phone while you’re on a run, in the gym, or hanging out at the beach, you can find what you need. The first thing you’ll notice is how secure your phone is, and how they are designed to be easy to get to.

Cell Phone Armband, Phone Holder for Running

Here’s a breathable, lightweight, adjustable, sweatproof, soft, with reflection for running at night and in the early morning hours phone carrier. Made to protect your phone if you don’t have a case, or just remove the corner protector pads if you do. Made for easy and fast phone removal while it’s always firmly attached during your runs. Comes with a one year warranty and hidden storage on the back of this carrier.

5. iPhone 11 Pro Waterproof Running Armband

If you are thinking of your first iPhone band you may be wondering exactly what makes a good armband for running? Well, the best ones will be easy to get on and off, made well enough to secure your expensive investment and keep the thing from bouncing along while you run. The good news is that every band on this page is going to meet those requirements.

iPhone 11 Pro Waterproof Running Armband
iPhone 11 Pro Waterproof Running Armband with Extra Pockets

This arm-band is designed to carry your IPhone 11 pro and keep it safe. It’s lightweight and made with face recognition access. Made to protect your phone from sweat and rain along with carrying valuables. Plenty of room for a fob or a house key along with another pocket makes it perfect for running. 30-day money-back and lifetime replacement guarantee assures you of a quality product.


Research indicates that any physical training activity done while listening to music enhances the athlete’s results. Even without research most of know running can be a better experience listening to our favorite music, so we carry along MP3s and iPhones of every description.

We carry them in our hands, stick in pockets and waistbands, and deal with cords dangling and never stop wondering if they will fall and be damaged. Armbands for phones are inexpensive and take all the struggle out of taking along our phone, cards, cash, and keys with no worries.

Staying Safe While You Exercise

Some of us are forced to run in the dark year-round, and some of us runners only find ourselves in the dark during winter months. Either way, having our iPhone along adds a measure of feeling safe. Add to that the florescent material and stitching that makes us highly visible at night and we truly are safer with a phone and band to hold it securely in place.

Whether you carry your phone for safety, to stay in touch in case an emergency arises, or to listen to tunes, a phone armband for running is a very small investment for peace of mind.

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