Are Knee Sleeves Worth It?

Asking “Are knee sleeves worth it?” is undoubtedly a valid question. You can pay anywhere from a few dollars to well over a hundred dollars for knee sleeves? Shopping online can leave a lot to be desired. Shopping in local stores usually produces only very cheap quality that can’t compare to “most” of what you find online.

So, it’s easy to spend a lot of time looking at knee sleeves and have no idea if they are worth it or not?

The rest of this post will help you decide if purchasing knee sleeves is worthwhile for your own needs. I’ll try to explain what they are for, and some of the benefits of wearing them.

Are Knee Sleeves Worth It?

There are many different applications for wearing knee sleeves. They are worn everyday by many people around the globe. Evidently, those people evidently think they are worth it. Here’s the primary reasons why people wear compression knee sleeves:

  • Protection from Injury when involved in sports that involve a lot of twisting, turning, and high stress movements, such as:
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Football
    • Soccer
    • Crossfit
    • Running, Jogging, walking
    • Cheerleading
    • Golf
  • Weight Lifting that involves putting a lot of weight on your knees such as:
    • Squats
    • Lunges
    • Deadlifts
  • Faster Recovery from any activity that depends on knees
  • Pre and Post Surgery
  • Pain Relief from Osteoarthritis
Knee Sleeves Are Worth It
Knee Sleeves Are Worth It for Support, Stability, and Protection

But, you may still be wondering just what they’re for? I know that if you are a runner or spending time in a gym, you already have a sense of what knee sleeves are good for.

What Are Knee Sleeves Good For?

  • Protecting knees from injuries during the excessive stress of twist and turns of active sports.
  • Greatly reducing the pain of arthritis in knees
  • Warming knees with increased blood flow
  • Heavy weight lifters know knee sleeves are worth it for protecting our knees from damage.
  • Reducing recovery time from exercise and sports
  • Helping runners and joggers add support and stabilize knees

All of those people think they are worthwhile, and enjoy and depend on the benefits of sleeves for the health and well being of their knees. Most users have come to realize just how important and vulnerable those joints are to their daily lifestyle. They figure their knees have earned and deserve all the care they can get.

We seldom even notice we have knees or think about how we would get along without them — until they’re causing problems. However, smart people all over the world are now wearing sleeves. Here’s why:

Why Wear Knee Sleeves?

  • Injury prevention during athletic events and exercise of all sorts
  • For protecting  knees when doing squats and possibly add lifting capabilities.
  • Pain relief for sore and injured knees
  • Adding proprioception, balance, and strength
  • Bringing back enjoyment when walking, running, exercising, and working out to people with osteoarthritis in their knees
  • Increased healing properties from increased blood flow and warmth

The question isn’t “Are knee sleeves worth it?

The real question is “Are Your Knees Worth It?”

Your knees are one of your most vulnerable joints to injury that you have. That’s why there are more knee surgeries and knee replacement surgeries than any other joint each year. (actually, hip and knee replacements run neck and neck, or knee and knee?)

Did you know that about one out of every twenty people in America over 50 has at least one artificial knee joint? You have to wonder how many of those people could have avoided surgery if they had taken better care of their knees.

You and I can probably agree that as long as our knees are working good with no pain, they’re the last thing on most people’s mind? But, knowing how vulnerable these joints are to injury makes me aware that they are indeed worth taking care of today.

Are Knee Sleeves Worth it for Weight Lifting?

When it comes to weight lifting in the gym, they are pretty useless for bench pressing. However, doing squats is a motion that naturally grinds your knee joints and is responsible for all kinds of joint, muscle and tendon problems.

Most, if not all, can be avoided with the use of neoprene knee sleeves for weightlifting.

Do Knee Sleeves Really Work for Weight Lifting?

When you’re doing anything that involves your knees and free weights your knees are at risk. They are taking the weight multiplied and stressing far beyond the normal. A good workout of squats with a bar and weights on your shoulders, can leave you with sore and painful knees.

The solution: wear knee sleeves. Compression knee sleeves will help keep your knee joint and muscles aligned and stable which translates to less soreness, faster recovery time, and less risk of injury. Knee sleeves are definitely worth it when it comes to saving your knees in the gym.

Are Knee Sleeves Worth it for Running?

If you are a runner and have any discomfort in your knees, you can’t try knee sleeves for running fast enough. Just like any exercise that involves your knees, knee sleeves will help speed up recovery from miles of hitting the pavement.

Are knee sleeves good for running?

Knee sleeves that are tight enough make your running much more comfortable. The built-in compression increases the blood flow to the area, and helps keep your knee aligned and enduring to the end. You’ll find that adding stability to your knee when running not only helps with recovery time, but aids in avoiding injury from the steady jarring and twisting.

Like any sports activities where knees are involved, runners suffer from a torn meniscus and ACLs. Many times you can continue to enjoy your runs with a knee sleeve.

Are Knee Sleeves Worth it for Osteoarthritis?

The number one recommended therapy for osteoarthritis in the knees is exercise. And that exercise is usually walking. If you do not deal with osteoarthritis of the knee, you have no idea how much fear that can bring on?

It seems ridiculous to think I can walk, or run, on knees that are tender, sore, and painful from osteoarthritis? In fact, it can sometimes feel like something is breaking?

Sometimes, when we are suffering with Osteoarthritis of the knees, and hear of knee sleeves, we might wonder if knee sleeves are bad for you? That seems like a strange question, but no one would want to do something bad for you when you’ve already got enough pain.

But there’s two problems here: there’s not really a cure, and without exercise you bring on more problems. That leaves figuring out how to exercise with arthritis in my knees?

The answer is simple enough: Knee sleeves for arthritis. Knee sleeves are certainly not bad for you! Just the opposite, in fact!

I’m not going to go into all the benefits of knee sleeves for arthritis and why, just check out this page: Do Knee Sleeves Help Arthritis?

I can assure you that knee sleeves are good for arthritis in your knees if you want to stay mobile and active.

Will Knee Sleeves Help When I Am Walking?

You won’t believe the difference if you are experiencing some pain and soreness while you’re getting your daily walks for exercise. What I notice is this: the majority of regular walkers are either overweight or over 50.

  • If you are obese,  they can do wonders for adding much-needed support to your knees while walking to lose weight or just getting in your exercise.
  • Osteoarthritis and knee sleeves go together like bread and butter no matter your age.

Who could deny that a $15 investment would be worth it to feel more comfortable, have better balance and stability? You will be amazed at the difference they make.

Are Knee Sleeves Worth it for Basketball?

girls playing basketball wearing knee sleeves
Knee Sleeves Save Your Knees While Playing Basketball

There’s so much high-intensity turning, twisting, jumping, and running involved in basketball, that knee injuries are commonplace on the court. And when it comes to saving knees from injury, they are definitely worth it.

Knee sleeves for basketball supply support both above and below your knee as it creates heat that helps to keep knee joints, muscles, that can increase your speed and flexibility. But that’s not all they do on the court: They increase proprioception which is a vital advantage for basketball players.

What is proprioception?

When we slip them on, they immediately allow a greater sense of where your knees are at all time. This is known as proprioception and keeps you in constant consciousness of where your knees are and what they’re doing. That proprioception means better all-around balance and confidence.

Are your knees sore and aching after a basketball game? The price of a pair could be a great solution and worth it.

You’ll need to be sure your knee sleeve fits correctly. Running down the court with one hand on a knee sleeve to keep it from falling to your ankle is going to put you at a serious disadvantage.


Knee sleeves aren’t just a piece of material made to wrap around your knee and sell to someone. Whey you buy a name brand sleeve you can always count on it being designed specifically to add support and prevent injury to your knee. They do this at the same time they are allowing freedom of movement so you have full use of your knees.

Are knee sleeves good, or just something to buy, or are they worth the money?

Due to the compression and added support they provide, count on them for protection from injury and providing real pain relief for sore and damaged knees.

Whether you’re involved with sports, regular exercise at the gym, walking, running, or need relief from arthritis, knee sleeves are worth it.

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