Are Knee Sleeves Safe To Use?

Are you wondering if knee sleeves are safe? Knee sleeves are designed for safety. They are manufactured to support, provide compression and warmth in order to help prevent injuries and protect already injured knees. 

Wearing quality sleeves on your knees helps with muscle coordination, increases joint stability and helps with wasting energy.

Knees are really something! Except for what’s below them, they hold up the entire weight of your body. And they do that while you are stressing them with twists, turns, bending, stepping up and down, and over and around objects. Keeping them safe and free from injury and pain with the use of knee sleeves just makes sense.

Are Knee Sleeves Safe to Use?

To tell you the truth I can not imagine for a moment why anyone would doubt the safety of using knee sleeves. Not only are knee sleeves safe, but they provide a safe atmosphere for knees in high stress situations as well as knees recovering from injuries.

More people are using them every day for weight lifting, squats, sports or any exercise and activity where knee stress is involved — to keep their knees safe?

The benefits of any knee sleeve includes:

  • Added stability and support
  • Compression
  • Warmth for the joint
  • Injury prevention
  • Faster healing

The extra stability in itself aides in both a mental and physical sense of safety.

Wearing sleeves on your knees will help you prevent injury as the warmth protects your joints and soft tissues naturally.

They are by the nature of design made to help protect injured knees and keep them safe from further injury. Knee sleeves are also designed to prevent the most common knee injuries.

Preventing Injury With Knee Sleeves

A trip to the gym to watch power lifters and people squatting and rising with weights will reveal a lot of neoprene knee sleeves that people are using to keep their knees safe while under tremendous stress.

They know that the combined effects of compression, warmth, and support not only helps protect their knees, but can also improve performance.

I’ve been using knee sleeves for quite some time now (5mm Rehbands, not super tight). I think they are 100% safe for the knees…

I wear them for squats only and slide them down to my ankles for the rest of the workout. I do have them on during warm-ups already (after all, you’re trying to warm up :P) and keep them on when I rest between sets. I don’t wear them on my Deadlift day. 


Protecting Injured Knees With Sleeves

But where ever you see people wearing sleeves on their knees, research indicates that the majority of them have at one time or the other suffered knee injuries.

Once they experienced weakness in their knees or an injury, protecting and preventing from further injury became more important. Now they know they can depend on knee sleeves to keep their knees safe.

Whether you need protection and support for knees involved in exercise, sporting events, injuries, or arthritis, sleeves are designed for safety and protection.

I wear them for the added support and relief from soreness, and they always help me stay active and exercise with arthritis in my knee.

How Knee Sleeves Work

Knee sleeves increase the blood flow and warmth to your knees by providing compression to the joints and surrounding muscles and tendons.

The compression also keeps your brain alert to what’s going on with your knee, allowing you to have more control and stability.

Whether you’re lifting weights, running with knee sleeves, playing basketball or other sports, or merely wearing them to the mall, you’re likely to experience better:

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Muscle activation and control

If you’re injured or doing something that risk injury, knee sleeves can help you gain and regain control of your knee.

Adequate and increased blood flow is essential to keeping your knees safe during high impact activities, and sleeves keep the blood flow and warmth at your knees.

Warming up before you begin exercise is important, and wearing a knee sleeve is ideal for making sure your knees are warm and prepared before stressing them with exercise.

They will also keep you warm as you safely stretch and cool down the muscles and tendons after running or any other sports or exercise.


Knee injuries are among the most common injuries among active sports enthusiast, and exercisers.

It won’t take you long to notice anything unusual about your knees, because it’s one of the most used and stressed joints of your body.

Knees are so vulnerable and prone to injury, it’s always in your best interest to protect them.

  • Live a sedentary lifestyle, you risk loss of motion, mobility and adequate use of your quads and hamstrings that control your knees.
  • Heavily involved in sports or exercise, you are over stressing the joints.
  • Dealing with knee injuries or arthritis, you need something to support and aide the healing process.

Are Knee Sleeves Safe?

Quality knee sleeves are designed with your knees safety in mind.

So, once again, I say that you couldn’t find anything any more safe to use when it comes to your knees than knee sleeves. Use them for injuries, and the prevention of injuries to be safe!

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