Are Knee Sleeves Good or Just Something To Buy?

Knee sleeves are more popular and easier to find than ever, but some people are still wondering about them? If you are asking “Are knee sleeves good?”, read on to see for yourself.

I know you can’t be a weightlifter, because that’s one group of people who understand the value of good Neoprene sleeves for protecting their knees. And if you play basketball, I’m sure you already know, based on how many basketball players are wearing them.

If you’re a runner, you’ve probably seen other runners wearing knee sleeves? If you play basketball, or some other sport, I know you’ve seen them, and know they are good for a number of reasons.

But, if you’re new to knee sleeves, and a lot of people are, and asking what are knee sleeves good for — this post should help you.

Are Knee Sleeves Good?

To tell you the truth: I don’t think you’ll ever know if knee sleeves are good without investing in one ,or a pair of knee sleeves for yourself. And when you do, your knees will feel so good you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

I use them myself, and wouldn’t be without them, either in the gym or when I walk or jog.  In fact, I have one knee with arthritis, and I would be severely limited without a knee sleeve. I wear it anytime I’m going to be on my feet for extended periods of time, or exercise.

Whether I’m on the track, running on the streets, bicycling, wearing out the treadmill, or walking around the mall — I owe it to my knees to take care of them.

After all, when your knees aren’t good, your lifestyle takes a giant step backwards.

man wearing a good knee sleeve
Some Knee Sleeves Are Better Than Others

What Are Knee Sleeves Used For?

  • Knee sleeves are used for exercising because they keep your knees aligned, add support, and gently warm to keep blood flowing to the area.
  • Wearing compression knee sleeves when you’re involved in any sports or other activities that add stress from sudden twist and turns is important for protection from injury.
  • They are used when you have pulled muscles or tendons and are able to continue on with your exercise they can help heal because of the increased blood flow.
  • Faster recovery from exercises and sports that puts a lot of pressure on your knees is key to staying active.
  • Powerlifters know knee sleeves are good because they use the thicker neoprene sleeves for added support and stability while dealing with insane amounts of weight.
  • Cyclers, basketball players, people into CrossFit, and soccer players use knee sleeves to protect their knees from injuries.
  • Supporting and stabilizing knees goes a long way to protect from injury and surgery when the joints are under extreme stress and twisting motions.
  • I, along with gazillions of other people, wear a knee sleeve to stay active with a damaged, injured, or arthritic knee.
  • You’ll find knee Sleeves used at most any athletic event that stresses the knee joints.

What Are Knee Sleeves?

Knee sleeves are made to provide support to knees and protect them from future injuries. In the past most people wearing them were involved in some sort of exercise or athletic event. But they are quickly becoming more popular for people who merely like or need the added support and compression for worn and deteriorating knees.

They provide compression to increase blood flow in order to provide plenty of oxygen to sore, fatigued, and tired joints. The compression allows one to stay active on knees that otherwise would confine them to a chair or be quite painful with use.

Knee Sleeves vs Knee Braces

If you are new to knee sleeves, and wondering if they are good, you’re probably wondering just what function they play, and if they actually work?

You probably should know up front that knee sleeves and knee braces are two different things — with two different uses.  Even though you’ll see the terms brace and sleeve used interchangeably, as if they are one in the same, they aren’t really.

Though they both provide support to knees:

  • Knee Braces come with hinged metal bars and are generally designed to greatly support and protect already damaged knees.
  • Knee sleeves are designed for support and protection for usable, uninjured knees, or slightly injured knees and are made of neoprene or various stretchable cloths.
Knee Braces
Knee braces are for severely injured knees

Getting the Right Fit

If you choose knee sleeves that are too loose, they won’t function properly. You will hate them, because they will tend to slide down and be most uncomfortable. Then you will tell your friends and loved ones that knee sleeves are not good?

Compression knee sleeves means that they provide a degree of compression (elasticity). If they are too large to fit right, not only will they not say in place, but you won’t realize any benefit from them.

How Are Knee Sleeves Supposed To Fit?

On the other hand, if you try to wear your sleeves too tight, they can cut off circulation and cause pain. The answer is simple enough, really?

Just take the time to actually study the sizing and measurement chart that accompanies each brand name knee sleeve. Read what the manufacturer says about measuring, buy a cloth measuring tape, (seamstress tape) and measure accurately.

I’ve found that most of the negative reviews for any knee sleeve failed to measure correctly? Whether they are too tight or too loose, you will not knee sleeves are good.


Knee sleeves offer powerful stabilization features as they protect your knees when you’re injured, and prevent injuries from happening to begin with. Compression provides healing warmth and helps ensure great blood and oxygen flow helping you feel more controlled and stable.

Of course everyone who’s ever tried them, won’t have the same opinion of knee sleeves, but most people who try them never ask again “Are knee sleeves good?”

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