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How To Stay Motivated And Lose Weight

How To Stay Motivated And Lose Weight with these tips


Need Motivation For Your Diet?

How many times have you said to yourself, I wish I could lose weight? Well, it comes down to one simple question: Do you know How To Stay Motivated And Lose Weight? Being motivated to do something is far different than merely wishing you were this or that.

Whether you’v been considering climbing Mt. Everest, losing that extra weight, or writing a best seller—you’ll need motivation. You need something to stoke the fires of your desires. Something extra to push you forward and keep your interest peaked.

You Need Something to Motivate You to Lose Weight!

But where do you get that motivation? How do you move from a wish list to ambition? How do you turn ambition into an unstoppable drive. First, let’s be honest about what’s holding you back?

Motivation is an attitude changer, and failure is an attitude! What you need is a change of attitude that goes deep!

Before we look at how to motivate yourself to success, take a look at the following 5 question to see what could be driving your attitudes now:

1. Are You Wishing Upon A Star?

Really, you’re all grown up now and it’s time to stop wishing on stars, and go to work!

Just the smallest action is more productive than the biggest wish.

Ever catch yourself  thinking, or even saying out loud, “I wish I could lose weight”?

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Making casual “wish statements” are actually motivational killers. “I wish I could write a book” or “I wish I could wear smaller clothes” are statements of denial.

Wishing is affirming to yourself that you would do that—but you know already that you would fail.

These ”wishes” are actually personal indictments that go deep into your subconscious.

Making these casual and seemingly innocent statements hinder your success in life. They serve to mentally reinforce the idea that you’re incapable of losing the weight you desire to lose.

2. Are Your Friends Dragging You Backwards?

This could be the most difficult motivation killer to remove from your life? Spending your time with buddies who aren’t seeking the same lifestyle you seek is like rowing a boat with the anchor out.

Listening to unproductive or negative conversation from people in the same boat as yourself helps you languor in defeat.

I know as well as you that you probably can’t just start ditching friends and relatives with negative attitudes. But there are some positive actions to take to protect yourself from negative people:

  • Be decisive not to fall in the trap of negative conversation
  • Believe it not, you can change the conversation to a more positive note
  • Politely walk away from groups of people talking destructively about anything
  • Avoid complainers altogether
  • Learn how to turn conversations to more positive things to talk about
  • Tell your friends you weight loss goals with conviction

3. Are You Hanging With Winners?

Stay with the winners to be a winner.

The first step in upping your game must be new conversation. You’ll need conversation from winners. Conversation that stimulates and encourages you to the success you’re after.

As bad as it sounds, losers hang out with losers, and winners hang out with winners.

Hang out with people who already have what you aspire to have, and watch your dream life show up effortlessly.

4. Are You Talking Yourself To Success?

It’s going to be impossible to motivate yourself to success with negative head chatter.

If you wonder why overcoming your obstacles to success seems impossible, check your internal conversation.

What you’re saying to yourself is absolutely your strongest motivator.

So when you’re head chatter is negative, you are motivated in the wrong direction.

No one is more influential in your life than yourself, because no one talks to you more than you do!

There is no stronger provocation to succeed than personal inspiration that you provide for yourself.

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And nothing damages your will to achieve more than your own internal dialogue.

If you are unaware of what you’re saying to yourself, it’s time to learn techniques to bring this conversation to light.

You may be saying things about your own abilities that you would punch someone else for saying about you?

5. Who Are You Blaming For Your Failures?

To start with, when you’re looking for whose fault it is, you’re wasting valuable time.

The fact that there is someone to blame immediately indicates that you know what to change.

But be careful that you don’t move from blaming another to self blame.  No matter who you’re blaming there can be no positive outcome whatsoever.

I’m guilty of blaming my wife for keeping fat foods in the house instead of taking responsibility for my own actions.

The key to stopping this unwillingness to take responsibility is to stop it! While you are (or me) in this frame of insanity you’re doing nothing about improving your own problem solving skills.

6 Tips To Motivate Yourself To Success In Everything You Attempt

We’ve had a look at 5 possible things that may be holding you back. Now it’s time to see how to take action and prompt yourself to success.

 1.  Wouldn’t you rather have fun?

The fittest people at the gym are always happy to be there? Go figure; who would have thought it could be fun struggling through another workout session when they could have been watching TV.

Turns out that most of them weren’t born with this more than positive attitude about pain. They have taken the time to mentally take responsibility for their attitudes.

They stay on top of teaching their minds to stop negative and discouraging thoughts about staying fit.  They consciously look for ways to promote the labor that comes with staying fit.

Highly motivated people tell themselves and others that they enjoy what they do.

Not only do they not deal with negative head chatter, they never hang around the water cooler with nay-sayers.

They learn to enjoy on purpose.

Staying motivated for anything is easier when I’m having fun.

2.  Goals Are Effective

Does setting goals seem like a waste of time to you? Well, you’re not alone!

That’s why there are so few successful people in the world.

It seems that most of use would rather wander through life aimlessly than to set goals.

In fact most of the people who find success as an elusive fairy, either don’t bother with goals, or forget they bothered with them?

But no matter what you want to accomplish:

Goal setting is the match that lights the fires of motivation.

One of the reasons it took me so long to make goal setting a habit is that I read about goals until I was confused.

Let me make it real simple for you to set goals for yourself.

Goals require:

  • Something you want to accomplish and have a reasonable idea that it’s within your reach
  • Something that will indicate you have reached the goal. For instance a certain amount of money, a certain number of pounds to lose, a certain amount of weight to lift, or miles to run. (you should get the picture here, right?)
  • All goals worth pursuing have a time frame.  A goal without a time alloted to achieve it, isn’t really a goal at all?
  • Your goals perform much better when they have check points along the way. These check points are like little mini-goals that fuel the fires of motivation.

Don’t over think goals, and don’t read a lot of confusing information that only allows you to procrastinate.

When something comes up that you can see might make your life better with, sit down and think it through to the end.

Write it on a piece of paper with several mini-goals to use as check points. They will keep you happy about your success along the way.

You were running over with excitement.  At last you started your diet! You jumped right in, started working out every other day and eating healthy.

Now it’s three weeks into your diet and the fog is lifting. You are faced with the fact there are no real changes in the way your clothes fit.

Very little weight loss and the excitement and motivation to continue on is gone.

In the thrill of getting started your expectations weren’t realistic. You probably didn’t gain the extra weight in 3 weeks, but you expected to lose it all quite quickly.

The smarter choice

It’s great to find the excitement to jump into new challenges. However without careful thought and planning the excitement will leave — then your efforts are doomed.

The sudden excitement you feel about getting fit can lead to unrealistic goals. As the excitement wanes apathy takes it’s place.

To keep your motivation motivated you’ll need to hit a happy medium between realistic and unrealistic expectations.

There’s no point in goals if they don’t stretch you to new and better behaviors.

On the other hand, goals that are simply unattainable set you up to fail.

Failures will eventually set you up to lose all the urge to persist and forge ahead to victory.

That’s why mini goals, or check points, are indispensable to your desire and energy to push on to success.

Mini goals will indicate whether or not your intentions are realistic. These mini-goals give you the opportunity to tweak your efforts, motivating you to continue on towards the larger goal.

3.  Striving for moderation in everything, including moderation.

It’s easy for me to get into an all or nothing frame of mind, and stay there for awhile. But the truth is that it’s easier to stay encouraged when you can use moderation in all things.

Staying motivated to eat healthy will be easier without the all or nothing attitude. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you will never love the taste for junk food again.

I’ve found it easier to stay committed to my own fitness and weight goals with what I call scheduled vacations.

I find that by predetermining one day every two weeks to eat what ever comes to mind makes life easier. When I feel the irresistible cravings—I can remind them that the day is coming.

For the times when I simply don’t want to wait, I have an opportunity to practice moderation. I also try to choose the least unhealthy junk food possible.

Moderation is the secret to survival

By scheduling breaks, or vacations, from your efforts—you tend to buoy your moderation and stay away from guilt.

Feeling guilty about a bite of cake, missing a day at the walking track is a motivation breaker.

People I spoke to about managing their own motivation always told me that deprivation never works for long.

They know that it’s better to have a healthy attitude about everything they do, without guilt from missing the mark.

4. Winners are always strive for more

I need very little incentive to do the things I love to do, right?

I need motivators to keep me interested in doing the rest of life. So motivators are my pushers.

I’m asking my pushers to literally push me into enjoying what I didn’t start out wanting to do at all.

Coming back again (I know) to goals.

You have a main goal with check points or mini-goals to get you to the finish line.

That’s really the way motivated people work out at the gym or run marathons. It doesn’t take long to notice there are two sets of people at the gym.

You see one set casually doing everything they did last trip. The other people who are really stimulated to reach goals are always pushing to out do the last trip.

They understand they will never see any results without pushing beyond what’s normal.

Reaching mini goals will excite you, increase your intensity levels, and motivate you to accomplish even more.

Feeling good about yourself and your achievements naturally induce you to do better than before.

5. The prize for achievement doesn’t have to be expensive!

Remembering to award yourself for standing your ground and achieving the goal you set out to complete is key to success.

Thinking through your own reward to yourself for completing your goal is just as important as thinking through your goals.

Rewards are always great encouragements to keep on keeping on.

Don’t take this step lightly, as you will train yourself to remember what you have at the end of the tunnel.

When you feel like quiting the reward you promised yourself will help you remember why you started.

6. You probably thought you couldn’t afford motivation?

I’ve saved the best personal motivator I know of until last!

When you have a goal set to lose 10 pounds, get into that smaller size, earn a thousand more dollars than last year, or what ever? Do This:

Tell a friend—one you know will not let you off the hook—the goal you have set. Then make a contract, written or verbal, to pay him/her a given amount of money if you don’t succeed.

Make the amount of money something you can pay, but enough to warrant you not wanting to pay out.

This is one of the best motivation tools I have in my own box. I would much prefer to stick to my diet plan and lose 10 pounds than give a friend a hundred dollars?

Wouldn’t you?

Motivation Is Not Self Will

One of the first steps to real success is recognizing every problem that stands between yourself and your goals.

That puts problem solving at the root of motivating yourself to greater heights. It’s impossible to solve problems while worrying about whose fault it is.

Motivation is the art of getting yourself to want to do what you need to do

A motive is what prompts the person to act in a certain way, or at least develop an inclination for specific behavior.  —Wikipedia

Most of us try to will ourselves into changes. Perhaps you can will yourself to eat less, go to the gym more, or even work longer hours?

Do you ever find a need to will yourself to do something you enjoy doing?

Of course not, self will is only involved in doing what we perceive as unpleasant.

Motivation replaces self will because when you’re motivated you want to do what you have in front of you to do.

When you’re motivated to do something, you can’t wait to get it done.

You already have what it takes to win!

Motivation is the key to moving up and forward in everything you do in life. Without it, we would never get up off the sofa.

Why start any task to make life better and more enjoyable without the motivation to see it through?

Just setting aside time to think over your own habits and mindset that have been holding you back can give a new lifestyle.

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